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First Mission to Lesvos Wraps Up

As the second team arrives today, and the prior one departs- we look at the past week and couldn’t be more proud of David, Zohab and Dr. Zahra for delving straight into work and exceeding our expectations. David will be staying on to welcome the new arrivals and volunteer through the week as well! Please see below for their latest update, and David’s survey for the new location. 

Zahra and David went shopping for clothing backpacks and blankets. We negotiated a 10 percent volume discount at the China direct warehouse. Like smugglers, we stationed under a tree in Camp Khirapati and in very few minutes 1700 euros of goods found worthy homes. However, more help (especially what SCM can provide) is needed at landing sites where only volunteers work. We also get smiles and signs of support from locals, the police and fire department.

We’ve got a reprieve from high winds and rough seas today was sunny and warm.

I surveyed over a dozen supermarkets/drug stores and none would sell supplies in quantity, you buy what’s on the shelf and no discounts.
I headed to the coast and as I approached Molyvos Camp, Oxy was brisk with large number of new arrivals. Though not a stay-in camp, it’s very well run and Omer the camp manager is tireless busy-bee. From and to Oxy, refugees are bused regularly and with great efficiency. About 7 kilometers to the east, I ran into a receiving camp with a few NGOs working seamlessly with dozens of volunteers. The approaching boats are signaled to a landing patch where they are promptly processed. Children and the elders are transported and the fit walk a few kilometers to the receiving camp. This camp has a covered canteen and a large medical tent.
There must’ve been over ten boat loads when I got there and looked like they’ve processed a few dozens earlier. Buses come promptly to the lines of serviced refugees who seem relieved and happy with the level of service and provided information. I drove 30 minutes further east to our former Al-Zahara site and it was wiped clean. A few Danes manning a small post with water and energy bars told me that the mayor got his way and removed all tents. They saw more than ten boats from 8:00 till 3:30 when I got there. The Danes also told me that there were more supplies and services at the bus depot a few kilometers further south east.
I ferried exhausted families back and forth.
I finally returned to the Molyvos coastal site and spoke to the medical coordinator, a physician himself.  He was very happy to hear of Sabrina, Hina, and Nasser’s arrival just in time as his crew is departing tomorrow. He saw no need to check with the NGO coordinator for the area but I will seek her out tomorrow regarding supplies.
Continuing updates on another band with the second team on copy.
Thank you to the first team, for paving the way for more good work.

The team will be now stationed soley on the northern shores of Lesvos, focusing on the interception of refugees off the boats and making occasional visits to camps surrounding Mytilini. SCM is still searching for more volunteers for Greece, whether they are humanitarians or medical professionals. Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi speakers encouraged to apply. For more information on volunteering, click here.


  1. russ stubbles

    You are doing God’s work. I wish i could go. Keep it up. I would like to help settle refugees in seattle area. I am a retired professor.

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