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Update on Resettlement Assistance

We want to express our gratitude to all our generous donors who have purchased items through Amazon to assist the recent influx of refugees in Washington state. Over the past few years, we have found that utilizing an Amazon wish list streamlines our efforts at SCM, enabling us to effectively support these new refugees and raise awareness within the community about their pressing needs.

In comparison to past refugee family arrivals in the Seattle area where we could physically transport donated items to them, the current situation in Spokane presents logistical challenges. With nearly 20 families arriving in the past several months, primarily in Spokane, the demand for essential items is substantial. Therefore, we have established Amazon wish lists to alleviate the burden on refugees, who receive a modest amount of welcome funds upon their arrival in the country. By reducing their expenditure on incidental items, we hope they can allocate these resources towards critical matters such as acquiring a vehicle for emergencies and addressing other unforeseen expenses during their initial three-month period of support provided by NGOs like IRC, Jewish Family Services, Lutheran Family Services, World Relief, and others.

We understand that financial circumstances have been difficult for many individuals this year. However, we earnestly appeal for your assistance in helping these refugees integrate and become active members of our community. Your support will also contribute to our ongoing efforts in aiding other incoming refugees. In the event that you come across items on the Amazon wish list that are relatively more expensive compared to alternatives available at Target, Walmart, or other retailers, we encourage you to purchase those items and inform us. We will promptly provide you with an address to directly mail the donations to our clients.

We kindly request you to review the Amazon wish lists we have created, featuring the most recent five or so families who have arrived. Due to challenges in determining American clothing sizes and their location in Spokane, it would be more practical to provide gift cards for stores like Target, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, or others, where they can select the necessary items, which can be sent to our office in Seattle. However, items such as kitchen supplies, bathroom essentials, hygiene products, kids’ bedroom necessities, bed sheets, towels, and pillows would be greatly appreciated delivered to their doorsteps.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support you have demonstrated towards SCM over the past couple of years. This collaborative endeavor has been a remarkable achievement, and we value your continued involvement. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a family in Seattle or Spokane, or if you have connections with regular visitors or residents of Spokane who might be willing to assist a family in need, please reach out to us. By offering support such as English language tutoring, accompanying them to the store, or simply being a reliable point of contact during emergencies involving their children, you can significantly enhance their journey towards stability and self-sufficiency. Every contribution at this stage is immensely meaningful and greatly appreciated.

While SCM remains actively engaged in various projects abroad, which have been our primary focus for years, the impact of the pandemic and restricted travel has necessitated our attention to the refugees in Washington state. We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

To see the lists click here.

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