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SCM Medical Missions

SCM Medical Missions provides medical and humanitarian aid to refugees from and in the Middle East, including those resettled in Washington State. We are sustained by your contributions. Thank you!


Donate here to our Gaza aid campaign. Your donations will go right to the people in need, providing meals, medical help, and more.

Our Mission

SCM Medical Missions is bringing relief and aid to people affected by conflict and natural disaster within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and to bring people and cultures together to build bridges of understanding. 


SCM believes those in need must be treated with respect and dignity, and we will provide humanitarian and medical aid as much as we can.

Our Story

SCM is a division of Salaam Cultural Museum, a Seattle-based non-profit organization. We set out on our mission of helping the people of the Middle East in 1999.


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Who We are

Our Impact

How It Works

SCM has deep roots in the Middle East and North Africa. Our knowledge of the regions we serve allows us to get in and on the ground quickly. Our response time is fast and we are able to get aid to those in need in a matter of days, not weeks or months. 

SCM Medical Missions has improved and saved lives in Jordan, Greece, and Lebanon.

Through medical and humanitarian aid, we have treated the injured and ill who might otherwise would have gone without treatment or medication, we have fed thousands, provided clothing and warm blankets, and we have provided training and supplies so people can work to better their lives. 

Through donations, corporate matching and in-kind donations, we are able to provide all of these services to refugees in need. Our office in Madaba, Jordan coordinates locally, and assists our volunteers in Lebanon. 

You can be a part of our efforts by volunteering, donating monetarily or in-kind donations. 

“The work that SCM is doing in the Middle East and South Asia is remarkable. They are improving or saving the lives of thousands by responding quickly and creatively to emerging humanitarian crises. Rita and her team have relationships of trust with government officials, NGO leaders, and subject matter experts that few others can match.”

Joe Rodriguez, Co-lead, Americans for Afghans

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