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Oscars Shine a Light on Syria’s White Helmets

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHITE HELMETS from the SCM medical/humanitarian team for the incredible win at the Oscars last night.  A 40 minute film documenting their work in war-torn Syria won Best Documentary Short Film at Sunday’s Oscar awards ceremony.

The White Helmets, the Syrian Civil Defense, are the true heroes of the war.  The members of the White Helmets are regular people. They were bakers, teachers, engineers, shopkeepers, and people from all walks of life, men and women, but when they saw what was happening in their country they were not able to stand still and wait for the foreign powers to come and help – they started as neighborhood teams that grew into the current organization now known as the White Helmets.

We at SCM are so proud that we were able to help them through our partners on the ground to get them the supplies that they needed.  We want to continue to support them and the work they are doing.  We are entering into the 7th year of this war and we know that the White Helmets will be there and will always be there as long as they are needed.

Our hats are off to these brave souls.