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Humanitarian Aid

We haven’t forgotten

With almost all of our focus on the tragedy of the refugees trying to get to Europe, and SCM’s efforts to help those that arrive in Greece, it would be easy to forget there are others in need in the region. But we haven’t forgotten. In Jordan we are continuing our distribution of humanitarian goods and supplies with the help of local organizations, churches, and mosques.

Recently we teamed with the National Association of Special Needs in Amman to distribute hygiene kits, toys, and some clothing to the people they are helping – children and adults with special needs from all over the region: they are Jordanian, Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian. We just wanted to let people know that even though we are focusing on Greece right now, we continue to provide aid in Jordan. We will have another container going to Jordan in a couple weeks that will be taking more supplies for the refugees in Jordan. Warm clothes and blankets, socks, hats, mittens, toys, baby supplies, and medical supplies.

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Local Supporter Raises Funds for Malki Center School Bus!

Many of you may remember fourteen year-old Raya, who recently volunteered at our Malki Children’s Center in Amman with her mother Lena Tuffaha! She spent the day assisting our Malki team with various aspects of our program, including art and sand therapy. During her time there, she learned of the struggle many children face to get to the center once they are accepted into our program. We do have a school bus we rent monthly, however many children live outside of reach from the bus routes and simply cannot afford to dedicate money towards reaching our center through public transportation. This is especially problematic for children living in a few of the camps that are difficult to reach.

When Raya returned to Seattle, she decided to buy the children at our Malki Center a school bus! She has been working tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for this cause. So far, she has been able to reach 75% of her goal. You can learn more of her fundraising efforts here. We couldn’t be more proud of Raya! We are blown away by her dedication to SCM and the children at our Malki Center. SCM believes every child fleeing from traumatic experiences deserves the opportunity to enter a program where they can heal, regain their innocence, and begun to grow emotionally in a safe environment. We are so grateful for supporters like Raya, who believe the same!

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