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What is happening in Gaza

One of our team of volunteers recently sent us this video which gives a good overview of the state of things in Gaza, as well as what your donations are accomplishing.

https://youtu.be/ISt9UhAK4qk – the video shows images that may be disturbing so YouTube has restricted it so you have to go to YouTube to view it.

Here is the transcript of the video as narrated by Reema:

“Since the beginning of the war on Gaza on October 7th, and up until today, which is approaching 200 days, during this period, the people of Gaza have suffered from killing, torture, displacement, and starvation. We shed light on what is happening in the northern Gaza Strip, the area where more than one and a half million citizens have been displaced since the beginning of the war, and deal with it as a combat zone, where citizens there have been deprived of returning to their homes until today, this date. Hospitals, schools, homes, and infrastructure have been destroyed in this area.

However, some people are still present in the Northern Gaza Strip, and they have gone through months of famine, resorting to eating animals and drinking unfit water, lacking the necessities of life such as food and drink.

They have also been deprived of essential food items like meat, eggs, and more, vegetables, fruits, rice, flour, and others. Additionally, all children have been denied their right to education and going to school, and some doctors have performed surgeries without anesthesia or amputated limbs of children without anesthesia.

The situation is also critical in southern Gaza, where the basic diet has become canned food, and if some vegetables and fruits are available, the prices of essential goods – meat and vegetables – have become exorbitant for people who have lost their projects and sources of livelihood.

My name is Reema, and I facilitate the delivery of aid to people inside Gaza through SCM Medical Missions. I have delivered financial assistance to many families living in tents or to needy families who have lost their jobs. Thanks to the efforts of SCM, we have also delivered financial assistance to many families living in tents or to needy families who have lost their jobs, to some families in northern Gaza.
Additionally, in collaboration with SCM Medical Missions, we launched a campaign to feed the residents in northern Gaza. On the first day, we fed over 110 people, and on the second day, food was distributed inside a shelter school in northern Gaza for nearly 150 people.

From Gaza, we sincerely thank you for your support and appreciate your efforts in delivering financial or in -kind aid. We hope you continue to provide assistance and support to our people in Gaza. May God bless your efforts.”

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