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Thank you Epiphany Parish!

Recently, the children at Epiphany Parish church camp put together care packages for Syrian refugee children and delivered them to SCM so we can distribute them in Jordan. We want to thank the children for their love and compassion for the Syrian refugee children. Below is a letter we received from the coordinator of the children’s project.

Dear Rita,

Thank you for joining us this summer to develop an exciting partnership between SCM Medical Missions and Epiphany Parish of Seattle. Below are some photos reflecting our children’s engagement with this service project to support Syrian refugees.

Our 50 church campers from preschool to fifth grade teamed up to create 100 hygiene kits. These kits were designed to provide aid and comfort to Syrian refugees undergoing the challenges of displacement. In addition to meeting basic human needs, these children also embodied their service with creativity and art for a personal touch. The craft room came alive in a whirlwind of excitement as kids used colorful markers, construction paper and glue sticks to paste paper hearts onto paper cut out hands. These hearts and hands symbolized love and justice.

Children also drew pictures of their families and included small toys in the hygiene kits to help make a warm, human connection with the Syrian refugee children. Finally, the campers placed an assortment of vegetable seed packets into the kits to provide food sustenance for the Syrian refugee families. In this way, they helped plant seeds of hope nourishing body and soul alike. Ultimately, these children created a group rhythm of solidarity enlivened with the movement of hands-on service.

Thank you, Rita, for providing us this meaningful opportunity to serve. Keep up your invaluable work with SCM Medical Missions! Our blessings and support are with you and the Syrian refugees.

Best wishes,

The Reverend Jennifer D. Alviar

Jennifer DeBusk Alviar is an ordained, interfaith minister who earned her MDiv degree at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California. She currently serves as the Seattle Volunteer Coordinator for Doing Good Together. Doing Good Together (DGT™) is a nationwide nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to empower families to raise children who care and contribute. When families volunteer together, they teach their children generosity, kindness, compassion and civic engagement. This service-minded practice turns big-hearted kids into strong, future leaders. You can reach Jennifer here and learn more about her other service projects through her recent blog at The Riveter, a co-working space designed for women, work and wellness.

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