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Solar Lantern Campaign: Lights of Hope

SCM is excited to partner again with LuminAID, a company that makes solar powered lanterns and cell phone chargers, and they focus on providing light to populations in need, be they refugees, natural disaster survivors, people living in under-developed areas, and more. They are offering a special price on two different styles of lanterns that supporters of SCM can purchase and have sent directly to our office. The lanterns we receive will be sent to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Some will be sent in luggage people are taking to Jordan, and some will be packed into our next shipping container heading to Jordan.

We encourage you to share this post so we can get as many lanterns as possible. So many refugees are without power and even though summer is coming which means longer days, they still have no light once the sun goes down. Many also do not have a regular source of power to charge cell phones, which for many have become a lifeline to stay in touch with family they have become separated from, to get information, and find resources.

Thank you once again to LuminAID for making this campaign possible!  Follow the link below, or other links in this post, to the campaign page.