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Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

More photos of our shoes, lanterns, and backpacks distribution

Here are more photos of our recent distribution in southern Jordan near Wadi Rum.

Community ServiceHumanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Shoes for refugee children

Earlier this year one of our partners, Carry the Future did a shoe drive to collect shoes for the refugee children in Jordan. The container they sent from the east coast of the US arrived, and the shoes have been distributed! They collected donated shoes from their community as well as raised funds to get The Shoe That Grows. You can see the shoes in the photos we just received from the distribution – some have the Shoe That Grows and others have other kinds of shoes that were donated.

Thank you to Carry the Future for another successful collection and distribution of much needed goods for the refugees in Jordan. Carry the Future and SCM also cooperated to get baby carriers to Jordan and worked with their team that traveled to Jordan to train some of our staff on properly fitting the baby carriers and also helping to get them distributed to mothers in need. CtF is also getting more shoes from The Shoes That Grow shipped to Jordan as part of our shoe drive.

We are continuing our drive for The Shoe That Grows to go in our next container leaving from Seattle. You can help us fill that container with shoes by contributing to our campaign here. Our goal is to get more than a 1000 pairs by the end of August. We will be able to put shoes on the feet of so many children by this fall! Please help!

Remember, donate here to help us continue getting shoes to the refugee children in need!

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Shoes for the Children at Azraq



SCM is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Because International and The Shoe that Grows to get much needed shoes to the children at Azraq Refugee Camp in Northern Jordan. For $15 Because International will send a pair of their fully adjustable up to 5 sizes shoes to SCM. We want to fill our next container with as many shoes as possible, and to help with that, Because International is matching the first 250 pairs of shoes!

shoesTo donate to our shoe campaign, please visit the campaign website for The Shoe That Grows. You will see more about the shoes and the campaign there.