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Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesSyria

Update on Hassan, the cancer patient in Jordan

We have received an update on Hassan, the young Syrian man who is suffering from a tumor on his leg. We have been collecting funds to help pay for his surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. Thank you to all who have donated to his fund. This is a quick message from Dr. Aws Shaker, our local physician who is keeping tabs on Hassan and his treatment for us:

I contacted Hasan’s family yesterday
he started with chemotherapy
received 2 sessions till now
last one was 1 week ago
next one will be after 2 weeks

he just delayed because his condition get worse
but he is better now
I contacted Jordanian organization (JHAS)
they donate him with 5000 JD (around 7000 $) as cash money
and pay for hospital 2000 JD (around 3000$)
I also asked Italian organization (Un Ponte Per) and they donate for primary investigations with 1500 JD (around 2000$)
so now he is covered almost for investigations and chemotherapy (still need a little bit more for chemo)
and still don’t know what to do for the surgery
anyway his father is so thankful for everyone who donates for his son.


Humanitarian AidJordan

Update on Hasan

Last month, we sent out a plea for donations to help a young Syrian man who has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his leg. Thanks to your donations, we raised enough money to begin chemotherapy treatment. Below are letters from his doctor and a copy of the first check to the King Hussein Cancer Center.

They will see how he is responding to the chemo, then he will have surgery and more chemotherapy. There are also updated photos of Hasan’s condition.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesSyria

URGENT! Funds Needed for Medical Treatment

HasanHasan, a 17 year-old boy from Syria, has been diagnosed with a tumor in his left knee (possibly osteosarcoma or Ewing’s sarcoma).

His parents fled from Homs in fear for their safety. Hasan was seen by doctors in Jordan and was told that he is in need of, at minimum, chemotherapy and then surgery to remove the tumor.

All the hospitals have refused to treat him due to the large expense of this treatment, which his parents cannot afford since they fled their homes and have come with nothing except the clothes on their back.

The estimated cost of chemotherapy and surgery at the King Hussein Cancer Center (the only hospital qualified to perform this procedure) is at least $10,000.

Your donation can save his life.

To help, please donate through our My Charity of Choice campaign at https://mycharityofchoice.com/campaign/profile/891#.U2xJwPnRL_E