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Tag: Libya

Humanitarian Aid

Aid for Libya Flood Victims

SCM is organizing a large purchase of generators for the flood victims in Libya. The generators will be purchased in Egypt and trucked across the border into Libya. Our regional director, Basel Sawalha is overseeing this effort. He will travel from Jordan to Egypt to buy the generators, hire the truck, make sure it gets loaded up and will work with the recipient organization on the other end for delivery and distribution.

Your donation will help us get these generators and pay the costs to get them to the people who need them to power lights, refridgerators, fans, pumps, etc.

Read more about the tragic flooding in the article below. The photo used in this post was taken by Yousef Murad.

Whole families drowned in Libya’s flood. Many didn’t realize the danger until they heard dams burst

Updated 7:54 AM PDT, September 14, 2023

DERNA, Libya (AP) — The wall of water several stories high smashed into apartment buildings, drowning entire families in minutes.

One man lost at least 13 members of his extended family. Fadellalah has yet to hear about the fate of another 20, several days after two dams burst above the Libyan coastal city of Derna, unleashing epic floods that killed thousands, wiped out neighborhoods and washed some of the dead into the sea.

Thousands of others like Fadellalah are frantically trying to find out who survived the rain-swollen rampage.

As a powerful storm bore down on his hometown, the information technology worker in Libya’s capital of Tripoli called his family Sunday to urge them to move to higher ground.