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Food AidSyria

Ramadan Distribution for Earthquake Survivors

Ramadan distribution of food to earthquake survivors in northern Syria.

olive branches for firewood
Humanitarian AidSyria

Firewood Needed for Winter Warmth

Many Syrian earthquqake survivors are still living in tents and having to burn wood to stay warm. The challenge is to find dry wood. Our volunteers have been in northern Syria and have been in contact with a village that is in desparate need of firewood. Right now they are burning green olive tree branches which are very smokey. This is a very unhealthy situation with all the smoke, in addition to the cold. And by stripping the nearby olive trees, they are reducing future olive harvests. This is a no-win situation.

Please donate to this campaign so we can send money to our volunteers in Turkey who will buy the dry firewood and transport it to the villages that need it most. Our goal is $10,000 to get enough wood to last to spring and keep the families warm.

In this video you can see the miserable conditions the earthquake survivors are living in. This is an emergency situation so please donate today at https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/donations/provide-a-heat-source/. Thank you!

Humanitarian AidMorocco

Solar Lanterns for Morocco

The people hardest hit by the earthquake in Morocco last September are still living in tents and rebuilding will take up to 2-3 years. SCM has sent funds to a partner organization in Morocco in October, and they were able to puchase and distribute warm clothing and food to numerous villages hit by the earthquake.

We have been looking for more ways to help and will be sending solar lanterns with a group going to Morocco in April. The group is organized by our sister travel company, Caravan-Serai Tours. We will take as many lanterns as we can get and distribute them to the villages still in need. You can donate to this campaign by clicking this link. Our goal is to get at least 200 lanterns that not only provide light but are also phone chargers. For many people, their cell phone is their only means of connecting to the outside world.

If you want to join this tour, experience Morocco, and do a bit of volunteer work along the way, here is the link: https://www.caravan-serai.com/tours/enchanting-morocco/.

Humanitarian AidMorocco

Distributions in Morocco

 Morocco Aid Distribution

SCM’s volunteers have completed their distribution of humanitarian aid in Morocco to the survivors of the massive earthquake in that country. The team traveled south and east of Marrakesh to provide food, clothing inlcuding warm coats, socks and scarves for the coming winter, and other supplies to three villages hard hit by the earthquake. Thank you to all who donated!

for Victims of the Earthquake in NW Syria (1200 × 400 px)
Humanitarian AidSyria

NW Syria Still in Dire Need of Assistance

Still so much need in NW Syria

Join us in making a real difference in the lives of those affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria. It is a common misconception that the situation has been resolved and that humanitarian aid is no longer needed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The conditions in northwest Syria continue to deteriorate, and the need for assistance is becoming increasingly urgent.

Inflation in neighboring Turkey is exacerbating the economic challenges in the region, where the Turkish lira is widely used instead of the US dollar. As a result, access to food, medicine, and other vital necessities has become extremely limited. This is evolving into a full-blown humanitarian crisis, with over 4 million people in Northwestern Syria desperately requiring immediate assistance. Additionally, more than 3.1 million internally displaced individuals are grappling with food insecurity and a scarcity of clean water, leading to the spread of dangerous communicable diseases.

Children in the area are especially vulnerable. The security situation is deteriorating, with escalating clashes between different armed factions. Tragically, innocent civilians, including children, are losing their lives in rocket attacks and other acts of violence. We cannot turn a blind eye to these appalling conditions. People cannot continue to live in such dire circumstances.

We are determined to make life easier for these suffering individuals, but we cannot do it alone. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a shift in international funding priorities to other regions, humanitarian aid to Syria has seriously declined. This has put immense strain on organizations like ours, as we struggle to meet the increasing needs with dwindling resources.

As the deadline approaches for the renewal of cross-border aid authorization, we must act swiftly to keep this lifeline open. The only way to help the people of northwest Syria is by delivering essential supplies through Turkey and crossing the border. However, it’s not just about providing immediate humanitarian relief; we must also focus on long-term rebuilding and resilience in the region. Experts predict that it will take a year or more to rebuild the devastated areas after the conflict subsides.

We cannot underestimate the challenges Syrians face in returning to their homes. Safety, security, human rights abuses, and persecution at the hands of the Syrian government and affiliated militias make it incredibly difficult for them to find solace. Even for those who wish to return, non-state armed groups and areas outside government control pose additional threats. The absence of safe passages means refugees are forced to stay in the areas they have sought refuge, desperately trying to rebuild their shattered lives. They still need our help, and we cannot abandon them due to political disputes.

Your support is crucial in ensuring that aid continues to reach those in need. We kindly request you to consider making a regular monthly donation of $10, $20, $50, or $100—every bit helps. Without regular contributions, we will struggle to sustain our support for the people of Syria and Lebanon. Together, we can make a significant impact.

With Eid al-Adha approaching, we aim to provide essential food supplies to the people in need. Our partners in the region are ready to distribute aid, but we cannot do it without your generous contributions. Please give whatever you can and help us spread this message to your friends, family, and others in your network. Together, we can bring hope and relief to those who need it most. Thank you for your compassion and support.

Here is just a small part of what we have been able to provide to the victims of the earthquake in northwestern Syria. We need to keep this going to make sure progress does not stop, or worse, is eroded.
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Raised for earthquake victims 2%
concrete pour video cover 3-28-2023
Humanitarian AidLebanonSyria

Join the team, extend our reach

SCM has begun using Give Lively, a fundraising platform that enables you, our supporters, to join in and help spread the word and collect donations for our causes. Right now we have a page for Earthquake Aid and another for our Lebanon Free Clinic. If you click the links below, you will be taken to the pages and can join the fundraising efforts there.

We also have the ability now to use “Text to donate” and people can text either QUAKE or TOOTHACHE to 44-321 to get a link to the respective page and donate there.

Please take a look at the new fundraising pages (click on the links) and join our team today! Once on the page just scroll down a bit and you will see a button that says “I Want To Fundraise For This” and click on it to get started.



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