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Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

February 7 Distribution in Jordan

We just had a distribution to a group of 10 families in a camp near Souf. They gave out blankets, kerosene heaters, and LuminAID solar lanterns with phone chargers. Thank you to everyone who donated! We are still trying to get more heaters so please go to our donation page and help keep these families warm. It is very cold and wet in Jordan and they need to be able to keep warm no matter what.

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Malki Class Graduation!

Check out the photos below of the graduating class of April 2015! The children at our Malki Center had a graduation party, complete with every child receiving a handmade quilt. These quilts were made by devoted crafters in the states, and are prized possessions by many of the children and their parents. They have a tag that states where and who it’s from, in addition to a space in which the students are able to write their names in. Thank you to Carolyn Sower, Judith Meeker, Quilts without Borders, and Jackie Lambert for providing us these beautiful blankets!

We are gearing up to take in another group of children who have been traumatized by events out of their control. Our Malki-SCM Children’s Center provides psycho-social support to these children, providing a space for them to heal and grow, just like a child should. Please continue to support our Center by visiting the donation page on our website. Thank you! graduation graduation 2IMG_8752 IMG_8753 IMG_8754 IMG_8755 IMG_8756 IMG_8757

Community ServiceHumanitarian AidJordanRefugeesSyria

Things You Can Donate for the Syrian Children

Here is a list of items that you can donate to SCM that we will send to Jordan, either with a mission or with people we know that are traveling there over the next couple months. We are trying to make up little packages of toys, personal care items, etc. in plastic zip lock baggies. For example, a packet for a little girl might have some barrettes or hair clips, children’s nail polish, a hair scrunchie, stickers, and lip gloss. A lot of the items we are in need of, especially kids toys can be found at garage sales or the dollar stores. Please keep in mind that the items must be washed and clean, no used clothing or blankets can be accepted.

  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Adult and children size toothbrushes
  • q-tips
  • Disposable razors (not for the kids, but they are needed!)
  • Travel size shampoos
  • Neosporin (or similar antibacterial ointment) in small tubes
  • Vaseline in small tubes
  • Hair clips, scrunchies, barrettes for little girls, lip gloss, sunglasses
  • Stickers
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Small or mini containers of Play Dough (these were reported to be on sale at a dollar store for $1 for a 4 pack of small cans)
  • Coloring books, small packages of crayons (we don’t need the 64 color pack, but the smaller ones like the 8 or 10 pack is perfect), color pencils, fun pencil sharpeners
  • Face paints and finger paints
  • Small toy cars, robots, animals, etc
  • Vitamins (please check to make sure they don’t have gelatin in them)

These items can be sent to our office in Seattle and we will get them to Jordan. Call us with any questions about what to donate, and remember, we can always take cash donations over the website and we will buy the items we need.

Thank you!

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Thank you!

We have recently received two very large donations of medical supplies for our medical missions to Jordan, and we want to thank these donors for their generosity. This note was received for one of the shipments from the Beckett family, and another shipment of medical supplies (that filled our office!) came from a previous mission participant, Dr. Benton Lee Brown in Texas. Thank you for such generous consideration on supplies that we will be making very good use of on present and future missions to help the Syrian refugees.


Here is an attached list of 121 different supplies we would like to donate to you and your team.  We are very hopeful that these supplies can be put to good use by my brother in law Adam Beckett and the other volunteers helping with the Jordan team.  We will need a receipt before we release these supplies over. The total value of this donation is $11,621.27 which is listed on the attached document. If you have any further questions please feel free to call me again!

Best Of Luck Jordan Team!!!

Sincerely,  Lindsay Beckett