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Sewing Centers in Jordan

We just received photos of a new sewing center being set up near Zaatari. This is one of the projects for self-reliance that SCM is sponsoring with your help. It’s part of the skills training provided to refugee women to learn a new skill that will enable them to earn money for their families. Now they have a new place to run their business out of.

There is still time to donate for 2017, and help programs like the skills training programs continue into 2018. Your generous donations are turned into aid for the refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and here in Washington State. We have also sent aid to Puerto Rico, and will do so again in 2018. Your donations go a long way with SCM. We are able to move quickly and target where the aid goes and get the people what they actually need in a timely manner. Donate now before tomorrow’s deadline, and help our programs get a jump on 2018.

We wish you and your families a happy and prosperous New Year, and we also hope for a better year for the millions of displaced Syrians who still need our help.


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