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SCM School at Iliadis Camp, Greece

Here is an update from Rasha, our coordinator in Greece who has been working hard to get classes going at a few of the camps we are working in. These are photos from Iliadis Camp.

First 2 days of school. We had a math teacher who’s from another camp as well as the Arabic teacher who’s from Iliadis. I taught Arabic at first as well as English, and today taught Greek! Yup, you read that correctly. I taught only four phrases – Thank you. ..You’re welcome. …Good morning. ..and Good evening. The Greek teacher got held up so I filled in in the meantime. Keela also taught English to the 14+ class today. A refugee from the camp and a volunteer from New Zealand taught gym.

In Iliadis we will start teaching English to the adults next week, inshAllah. They’re all really anxious. They try to sit it the school when we’re teaching the kids but I have to tell them to wait for their turn! They’re very excited to learn. We will be providing books, pens, etc for all adults. We’re also offering an hour a day of German as well. So far the kids and adults love what we’re doing. The adults come up to me daily and are so grateful.

Below are some photos from the school. We need your help to keep these programs going – the schools, the maternity housing, supplies, etc. We also need funds for the food distributions we are doing. Please donate today!

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