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SCM 10 Years Ago

In late 2010, the Arab Spring was sweeping across North Africa, eventually toppling governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and plunging other countries into crisis. Bahrain, Yemen and Syria also experienced unrest with Yemen and Syria’s conflicts boiling over to civil war. 

Just after war broke out in Syria in 2012, SCM began preparing for the humanitarian needs of the people fleeing the violence. By 2013 we had already had our regional director monitoring the situation in northern Jordan and had been sending money to our office in Jordan to buy needed supplies and helping refugees who had arrived in Jordan. We had also had medical missions later in 2012 to help people coming across the border.

Here is a look back at some of the faces from our March 2013 medical mission to Jordan. The children in these photos are all 10 years older and some may not remember their homeland at all now. 

Consider donating to help Syrians now experiencing another catastrophe – the massive earthquake in February of this year. Those that stayed within Syria all throughout the civil war and live in the north of the country are now trying rebuild their lives with very little help from the government or the international community. SCM has been providing tents, food, blankets, solar power equipment and more but we need your help. https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/donations/earthquake-aid/

Thank you.

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