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Safe, Sustainable Lights for Refugees

Today we got some great news that will be a huge help to our Solar Lantern campaign. LuminAID, the makers of environmentally friendly, long lasting solar lanterns, has offered to match lantern purchases made for SCM on their website AND a special price. This is incredibly generous and will help us to provide much needed lighting for the dark winter months.

For a limited time, LuminAID will MATCH your purchases of the PackLite 16 light when you buy on behalf of the Salaam Cultural Museum. This allows you to purchase twice as many lights and have them all sent to SCM. In order to take advantage of this offer, please visit the special webpage LuminAID has created for all the details and to place your order.



This family suffered severe burns when a gas lantern tipped over in their caravan at Zaatari, setting the structure on fire. The father rushed in to the flames to rescue his baby daughter, pictured here in her mother’s arms. Solar lanterns will help avoid tragedies like this.

We will begin packing the lanterns we receive into suitcases going to Greece and Jordan as soon as we get them. The priority is Greece because lighting is limited in the camps.

We are happy to partner with LuminAID in providing safe, affordable lighting to the refugees. Not only are the lanterns addressing a safety issue (fires from gas lanterns) but as more children are enrolled in school now, the more they need to be able to study in the evenings after the sun has gone down.

Thank you to LuminAID for making this possible, and thank you to those who have already purchased lanterns through this program.

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