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Update – November 17, 2021

The military bases which have been housing thousands of evacuees from Afghanistan are now allowing Afghans to leave after a few months, before they have been accepted by a Resettlement Agency. If they have a friend or family, some tie in the US, they’ve been given permission to leave independently. They have been told that when they reach their destination, whatever city that may be, to contact a Resettlement Agency who will pick up their case. They think that their chances of going it alone and getting established are better than waiting indefinitely. So, they have arrived here, contacted multiple Resettlement Agencies and have been told “No”, to wait, the agencies are too busy and cannot take their case, without it seems as though the refugees received misinformation, because in some parts of the country such as Virginia, they are picked up immediately by a Resettlement Agency, but here in WA, there are no agencies who are willing to take them, as far as we know, and they are facing the resettlement process without support of any kind.

Please donate to our resettlement fund so we can get them assistance. You can also send us gift cards to local grocery stores that we will distribute to the families as needed. Our office address is 3806 Whitman Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.

Update – August 19, 2021

We have received numerous calls asking if we will be doing anything to help the people fleeing Afghanistan. While we cannot go into the country or surrounding region to provide aid, we do plan to help refugees that are being resettled here in Washington State. Just since August 1, 160 Afghanis have come to Washington, and more are surely on the way.

Once the refugees arrive in the US, they receive financial assistance for just three months from the government. The federally contracted refugee resettlement organizations will find them an apartment and furnish it with the bare minimum of furniture, and manage their assistance for the three months, but once that time is over, the refugees are on their own. And in this unsettled time, three months might not be enough time for them to get completely on their feet and self-supporting.

We work with other organizations to get furniture and household supplies so the refugees aren’t walking into a nearly empty apartment on arrival. We also help get other things like clothing, school supplies, getting to know their new community, meeting new people, learning to get around independently, and to find jobs.

In the past we have also helped refugees repay the US government for the travel loan they received to get here. You see, the government makes them sign a promissory note to repay the cost of the airline ticket to get here. That can be quite expensive, with each ticket costing anywhere from $1000 to $3000 or more. The debt can be quite significant, and for someone not yet working, or not able to find a good paying job, it can be a real burden. If a refugee is having difficulty making these payments, we want to be able to help them so that debt doesn’t negatively impact them later on.

Please help us with the new refugees by donating to our fund or donating needed items such as furniture and household supplies. As we get closer to the next arrivals and a better assessment of the needs, we will also have an Amazon Wish List set up so you can help by purchasing the items from the list.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Your generosity has been amazing, please keep it up.

Thank you!

~Rita Zawaideh

Our goal is $150,000, and this will be to help refugee families across the state.

Please call your elected representatives to tell them you want them to help get Afghanis whose lives are in danger out of Afghanistan.

You can also get more information about refugees in Washington State at these websites:


SCM is working with locally resettled Syrian and Afghani refugees to help them adjust to their new homes in the Washington state. We have been providing resources, activities, and some financial assistance to help them adjust and get on their feet and become self supporting.

Many people don’t realize the path a refugee takes to get to the US. When they apply for asylum, that is a process that begins at the UN level. They go through an extensive application and screening process, then the UN finds a country to host the refugees. If the US agrees to take them, they go through further screening and extreme vetting which includes bio-metric and health scans, interviews by various US intelligence and security agencies, background checks and cross checks, more interviews, and then, possibly after a process of 18 – 24 months, they are told if they are accepted to come to the US or not.

To travel to the US, an agency contracted with the US government purchases airline tickets for the family on the basis that the money will be repaid to that agency – they sign a promissory note for whatever the cost of the tickets is. If you can imagine, a family of 6 – 8 people whose tickets were about $1200 – $1400 each, saddles the family with a debt immediately upon their arrival in the US. The agency rents an apartment for them, and may provide some assistance for about 3 months, then the families are expected to make it on their own. The adults are expected to find work right away, and the children begin attending school.

SCM has been helping to pick up where the resettlement agencies have left off. We have been providing resources, some financial assistance, and activities. We have provided English lessons for the adults and Arabic grammar and writing for the children, information on navigating in the community, how to do things like ride public transportation, pay bills, and just get everyday things done that are different than what they did at home.


Over the years, WA state has become home to many refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. They have moved into their new communities, learned or vastly improved upon their English language skills, found jobs, enrolled in school and started new families. SCM has been helping them get started by collecting a distributing donated furniture and household goods (as they arrive to a new apartment with only their suitcases), helping them learn to get around in their new community, enjoy activities and make new friends. And most have been thriving, even to the extent of buying a home and starting a new business.

Now, amid the coronavirus outbreak in our state and across the nation, we are seeing so many of the refugee families lose their income and find themselves unable to buy food or pay rent. We need your help to help them weather this storm of economic uncertainty and loss caused by the COVID19 pandemic. We work with over 240 refugee families in the Puget Sound area, Spokane, and the Tri-Cities.

  • $100: will help feed a family of five for one week
  • $250: will help support a family of five with food and other basic needs (baby care items (diapers, baby formula, etc.), medical & hygiene products and more) for a week
  • $500: will help support two families for a week
  • $750:  will help support three families for a week
  • $1,000: will help support four families for a week
  • $5,000:  will help support 20 families for a week or five families for a whole month

Any amount will help put food on their tables and make sure they have necessary supplies to make it through this unprecedented time in our country. They came here hoping for safety and new lives away from violence and war, they have worked so hard to become comfortable in their new homes and lives, and now they find themselves struggling once again just to get by day to day.

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