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Record Day at FCUMC Afghan Refugee Clothing & Hygiene Center

Just a quick update on our refugee assistance activities from our volunteer coordinator Pamela:


Just a quick summary of the really busy day yesterday, thanks to 22 Volunteers who stayed part or all of the four hours and pre-post opening. We served 30 Families in all. A total of 77 Refugees came to the Center, 43 adults accompanied by 14 children. Including all the spouses and children who had to stay at home, these families comprise 118 Refugees whose day and necessities we improved!

Our added bicycles, computers and sewing machines with sewing notions and fabric are so helpful for the Refugees. I just hope we continue getting these donations to offer with our core essentials. We gave out 21 bikes with new helmets for Adults and Kids, 10 laptops, and four sewing machines.

Go Team Go! Thank you, Pamela

If you have a sewing machine, sewing supplies, or bicycles you want to donate, please reach out to us so we can coordinate a drop off. Thank you for your continued support!

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