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Ramadan Distribution Close to an End

In just one day, SCM was able to distribute food parcels to cover 2,200 individuals’ meals for one month. Our food parcels include chicken, lentils, rice, other nutrient rich options as well as household staples. We have officially exhausted our funds from our campaign. SCM is extremely grateful and appreciative of everyone that has donated, volunteered, and made this happen! However this is a bittersweet moment for us, because on this very same day we had to turn away roughly 1,000 individuals representing their families and standing in line for hours.

Additionally, the WFP has announced that it will have to cease food vouchers for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan after it had already significantly cut and reduced aid. Rita Zawaideh mentioned in the office today, “How much food do we throw away each month? What does $31 get us; a shirt or a nice dinner out?” For $31, we can provide food for a family of four for an ENTIRE month. This doesn’t have to stop now, but can continue where the international community has faltered. SCM has the volunteers, its up to the rest of us to remind Syrians that they have not been forsaken.

Once again, we ask that everyone support us as we support those we serve.

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