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Rain and more rain…

Even more rainy weather is coming to the area of Idlib where the Darkush Camp is located and where these photos and video were taken. This is near the border with Turkey in northern Syria.

Over the last several days over 2900 tents in just this one camp have been destroyed by flooding and all their belongings have been lost. The families have moved in with other families whose tents were not destroyed so now instead of 4 or 5 to a tent, there are 10 or more. Women are working hard trying to keep their families warm and fed. The road conditions are so bad that some of the NGOs are not able to get into the area.

Here we are in Seattle, the rain is coming now, but we still have our shelter and warm houses to go to and food on our tables. The refugees have been living in these camps for the last 8 years or more. They have been waiting to get their papers to get asylum and come to the US or Europe, but because of the pandemic that has been on hold for the last year as borders are closed because of the pandemic. Right now, they have no hope.

Read more about it here: https://news.yahoo.com/thousands-left-homeless-storms-floods-162914370.html

Miserable conditions even for those whose tents did not get destroyed.

This war in SYRIA HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 11 YERS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE STILL DISPLACED. It is a double tragedy that these people do not have proper shelter from the elements. A lot of people think if you are in the Middle East that you always have sun and sand, but that is not true, just look at the pictures that we received from one of the refugees.

Please help us help them, donate today. Our goal is $10,000 for flood relief.

Click on this photo for more information about the flooding.

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