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zaatariIt is the world’s largest refugee camp and it sprawls like a small city. SCM Medical Missions knows it well, as we’ve been working there almost since it was founded.

It is Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Like a city, it has businesses, schools, and crime. It is cold in winter and insufferably hot in summer. On March 26, 2015, the camp population was estimated at 83,000 people.


Our mission at Zaatari is to provide support and services to an underserved population. This includes medical services through our medical missions, and women and children’s programs to provide support, skills training for women, new infant welcome kits (baby boxes), education supplies, and more.


Children and teens constitute an especially vulnerable population in the camps. They have already experienced the horrors of seeing their homes destroyed, often seeing relatives killed or blown apart. To have any kind of future, they must be cared for physically and emotionally. Our volunteer medical staff provides routine examinations, dental work and hygiene training, and specialist care whenever possible.

Children's Health
SCM at Zaatari

In addition to providing hygiene training, volunteers interact with the children in games and discussion. One of the most important things children need in this situation is a sense of normalcy. Participating in everyday activities like other children cannot replace what they’ve lost, but it can help them to remember that there is such a thing as a normal life.


In addition to the large population of Syrian refugees residing in the official UN camps, there are many more who have moved into the urban areas in an attempt to get away from the camps. They still need out help, and they are often reached through our community based partners in each city. We work with churches, mosques and other organizations to identify those in need and to distribute much needed humanitarian aid we have shipped from the US to our warehouse in Madaba.


The world seems not to have yet awakened to the impact that the current refugee crisis has created, not just for the people of the Middle East and North Africa, but the entire world. It will take participation from the global community to effect the kind of change that is necessary and which is already overdue.

You can be part of the solution today! Donate with confidence that your generosity will directly support people in need. Volunteer with our teams and report to those you know back home.

You can do this. You are just like the volunteers who have already made a difference and the donors who support us. Be able to say in later years that you did not sit on the sidelines.

Another container of supplies
SCM has shipped over 300,000 lbs of supplies to Jordan


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