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Emergency Lebanon Relief

Goods from our warehouse in Jordan being loaded up and heading to Beirut

Thank you to all who have donated for Lebanon relief so far! Please share this cause with your friends and family who might be able to help.

SCM is continuing the relief efforts to assist the people of Lebanon. In early August of 2020 there was a horrific explosion at the Port of Beirut. The blast left thousands wounded, hundreds dead, and a third of a million people displaced. This horrible tragedy is on top of a national economic collapse and the Covid-19 emergency. There has been some rebuilding, but the economic crisis has only gotten worse. Critical infrastructure is on the brink of collapse due to the economic crisis and the currency, the lira, buys less and less each day. A couple, considered middle class, might earn nearly 2 million lire a month, but in reality that is just less than $50 – a month! How do you feed a family on that?

SCM now has a permanent team leader in Lebanon, Mr. Georges Nassar who is coordinating our distributions and obtaining the needed supplies. Beyond the explosion in August of 2020, the people of Lebanon are going without electricity, heat, food, and medications, and more due to the economic collapse of the country. We are helping with food and medications, as well as solar lanterns, blankets, and other needed supplies.

Latest Posts on our Lebanon Project

SCM is sending supplies from our warehouse including medical supplies, walkers, wheelchairs, blankets, clothing and more. We have 6 more tents that were donated to SCM by Direct Relief that will be sent to be set up as emergency medical clinics. The supplies in the container that we sent in June, and is expected to arrive in Jordan in just a couple weeks, will also be sent to Lebanon as soon as possible. Food will be purchased in bulk like we do for the distributions in Jordan, and sent to Lebanon. Our Regional Manager, Basel Sawalha, is working with Jordan Hashemite Charities to transport the supplies by air and overland to Lebanon.

In addition to our team in Jordan, our efforts will be led by Mr. Gus Mansour of Seattle, along with Mr. A. Oseiran and Mr. H. Hayek. They are traveling to Beirut to set up distribution centers, 2 in Beirut, and one in the south and one in the north. Mr. Mansour and his team are traveling to Beirut on September 1 to begin setting up the distribution centers and will be met there by Mr. Sawalha and Jumana Sawalha to get the SCM relief effort up and running.

What you can do to help: SCM is collecting funds to purchase emergency medicines and food and to transport it to Lebanon from Jordan. Please donate to help us get these critical supplies to Beirut as soon as possible. We are going to start wiring funds to Jordan right away so they have the money to begin purchasing all the supplies they need.

If your company matches funds, please be sure to take advantage of that for SCM. Your dollars are going directly to aid the people who are suffering in Lebanon because of this tragic explosion. If you have any questions about the relief effort, you are welcome to contact us or Mr. Mansour at 206-919-4678.

Thank you,

~Rita Zawaideh, President, SCM Medical Missions

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