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Refugees at High Risk

While all refugees are at risk of injury, sickness, homelessness, starvation, and any number of other threats to their wellbeing just by the very fact they are refugees, there are groups within the refugee population that are at extreme risk due to persecution. Ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ refugees can suffer additional hardship due to their ethnicity or sexual orientation. In the camps they can be subject to violence and being shunned and outside the camps they can find extra difficulty in finding work and supporting themselves. They are also at risk of violence outside the camps. And in Afghanistan the Taliban have shown no tolerance to either LGBTQ+ or ethnic minorities like the Hazara people. They have also been extremely hostile to people who have fought for the rights of those groups being persecuted.

SCM has committed to helping all refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, but particularly those from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. We have set up a fund to help these refugees find a safe place to live, provide additional help finding work if needed, and ensure they can survive while awaiting asylum in Canada or the US.

Our efforts so far have helped LGBTQ+ Syrian refugees with living expenses and medical assistance while they wait for asylum, and Afghan LGBTQ+ and refugees from an ethnic minority that have been persecuted in Afghanistan and needed to get out to another country as quickly as possible. We will continue to work with our contacts on the ground across the region to help the refugees who are at extreme high risk to bring them to safety.

Please join our efforts to get these refugees to safety.

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