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Refugee Resettlement

SCM is working with locally resettled Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees to help them adjust to their new homes in the state of Washington. We have been providing resources, activities, and some financial assistance to help them adjust and get on their feet and become self supporting.

It’s a long road for the refugees to travel to get to the United States and we are here to help them begin their new lives. From helping them set up new apartments with the basic necessities to learning more about their new community, we are here for them, along with a group of caring volunteers. 

Many people don’t realize the path a refugee takes to get to the US. When they apply for asylum, that is a process that begins at the UN level. They go through an extensive application and screening process, then the UN finds a country to host the refugees. If the US agrees to take them, they go through further screening and extreme vetting which includes bio-metric and health scans, interviews by various US intelligence and security agencies, background checks and cross checks, more interviews, and then, possibly after a process of 18 – 24 months, they are told if they are accepted to come to the US or not.

To travel to the US, an agency contracted with the US government purchases airline tickets for the family on the basis that the money will be repaid to that agency – they sign a promissory note for whatever the cost of the tickets is. If you can imagine, a family of 5 – 8 people whose tickets were about $1200 – $1400 each, saddles the family with a debt immediately upon their arrival in the US. The agency rents an apartment for them, and may provide some assistance for about 3 months, then the families are expected to make it on their own. The adults are expected to find work right away, and the children begin attending school.

SCM has been helping to pick up where the resettlement agencies have left off. We have been providing resources, some financial assistance, and activities. We have provided English lessons for the adults and Arabic grammar and writing for the children to help them retain their native language, information on navigating in the community, how to do things like ride public transportation, pay bills, and just get everyday things done that are different than what they were used to at home.

You can help these new families by donating or purchasing items they need from one of the wish lists to the right. We are also accepting gift cards, preferably Visa or similar that can be used for anything from groceries to warm coats. If you can donate a gift card, please send it to our office and we will distribute to the families most in need.

Wish Lists for Resettled Syrian families

These are lists of items the families need for their homes. You can help them by ordering from the list and it will be sent directly to them. If you see something on one of these lists that is priced lower elsewhere, or you have the item that is in like-new condition, contact us and we can get you the address to send the item to the family and remove it from the list.

Families are in need of sheets, blankets, and pillows, vacuum cleaners and meat grinders. School supplies are also needed for the children, many attending school for the first time in the US right now. Please look for these items on the list and get them if you can!

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SCM’s refugee assistance and welcome work is supported, in part, by 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax.