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Medical & Humanitarian Aid

Since 2012, SCM Medical Missions has provided medical and humanitarian aid to refugees who have fled the wars in their home countries, suffered natural disasters, and are suffering from economic collapse. Prior to 2012 we had provided sporadic aid to internally displaced people in Iraq and to Iraqi refugees, aid to orphanages in the Middle East, and other projects. We gained a whole new focus when the Arab Spring broke out across the region. SCM has coordinated numerous medical missions to Jordan, Greece, and Lebanon, and is a registered NGO (non-governmental organization, similar to a non-profit status here in the US) in Jordan. This certification has given us greater ability to operate in Jordan and surrounding countries, making it easier to bring in the medical supplies, equipment, and medications, and other donated goods. We maintain a warehouse in Madaba, Jordan that receives and distributed donations and is managed by our regional director and the volunteer coordinator there. While we no longer have medical missions to Jordan or Greece, our endeavors have turned to providing medicines and medical supplies, food, blankets, and other necessities to refugees living outside of the larger formal camps, such as Zataari, and to refugee communities in Greece and Lebanon. We have a network of volunteers that identify communities of refugees in need and we coordinate distributions of food, blankets, winter boots, and more. In Lebanon, the people there have not only suffered from being in a war zone, but also the economic collapse along with the major explosion in the port of Beirut that further aggravated the economic woes of the country. Lebanon is a major host to refugees from Syria but with little to no official help from the government. We have a team that assesses communities in need and have provided medications, food, solar lanterns, blankets, generators to health clinics, and more.  

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