SCM Medical Missions


3806 Whitman Ave N
Seattle WA 98103


+1 206-545-7307

Medical & Humanitarian Aid

SCM has coordinated numerous medical missions since late 2012 to Jordan and have become a registered NGO (non-governmental organization, similar to a non-profit status here in the US) in Jordan. This certification has given us greater ability to operate in Jordan, making it easier to bring in the medical supplies, equipment, and medications, and other donated goods.

Our endeavors have now turned to providing medicines and medical supplies, food, blankets, and other necessities to refugees living outside of the larger formal camps, such as Zataari. We have a network of volunteers in Jordan that identify communities of refugees in need and we coordinate distributions of food, blankets, winter boots, and more.

In Lebanon, we also have a team that assesses communities in need. We have provided medications, food, solar lanterns, blankets, generators to health clinics, and more.


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