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The Jordanian military is going to let SCM get humanitarian supplies to the no mans land for the stranded Syrian refugees.

For right now we have a container that is arriving into Jordan on the 21st of May with 500 blankets plus other supplies that we will be donating to them to give at the border. We are still not allowed into the area. A raised barrier of sand, or “berm,” marks the Jordanian limit of a border zone between Syria and Jordan. The area where the Syrians are stranded is inside Jordanian territory.

Now Ramadan is approaching in a month and to get more things into that region we need to purchase supplies in Jordan since there is no time to get it to them immediately from USA. Food is already being brought in as well as mattresses and tents.

The vast majority of those in the berm are children, elderly, women and people who are sick. Hygiene remains a significant concern in the no mans land. Inside the berm, there is no water and no way to grow food, so the 60,000 inhabitants are completely dependent on international agencies for survival. There is nothing that people can do to help themselves there. If the water truck doesn’t get through, the consequences could be dire.

Please donate. Help us to help them.

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