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Morocco Update

Morocco Earthquake Death Toll Now Up to 2900+

We have been receiving photos of the devastation in the villages hit hard by the earthquake, and they show that there will be a long road to recovery and rebuilding. We have also recieved a couple of stories of what happened in the moments of the quake. One is a story of a woman who was giving birth just as the earthquake struck. A baby girl came into this world just as it must have seemed to be falling apart all around her. We received a video of her being pulled from the debris, a clump of afterbirth and the umbilicle cord still attached, caked in dirt. She is alive, but unfortunately the mother did not survive, as far as we know.

There is another story about a very small village that was completely destroyed but had very few casualties. A woman in the village was having a dinner for the entire village in a big tent she had set up. When the earthquake hit, everyone was at the dinner in the tent and not in their homes. They ran out of the tent to see their homes destroyed, but their lives were saved by the charity of the woman hosting the dinner for the village.

In the photos included here, you can see the level of destruction caused by the earthquake. SCM has partnered with a local NGO to help get supplies to these villages that have lost so much. Please donate today.

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