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Medical & Humanitarian Missions


Medical & Humanitarian Missions

Salaam Cultural Museum has coordinated numerous medical missions since late 2012 to Jordan and have become a registered NGO (non-governmental organization, similar to a non-profit status here in the US) in Jordan. This certification has given us greater ability to operate in Jordan, making it easier to bring in the medical supplies, equipment, and medications, and other donated goods.

We are also now running missions to northern Greece, providing medical care and humanitarian aid to the refugees in the camps there. These missions are going weekly and are scheduled at least until the beginning of September. As the situation changes, we will update our schedule.

A better smileOur missions last for a week, and take place in camps and make-shift clinics. Our groups are made up of doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses, therapists, and coordinating personnel. The mission participants are all self-supporting on the mission – they pay their own travel, accommodation, and food expenses, and many are able to use their luggage allotment on their flights to bring a suitcase or more of medications and supplies.

During our Jordan missions we see anywhere between 250 to 700 patients per day, 85% of whom were women and children. In Greece the numbers vary as the refugees are being moved from one camp to another, but there are days when the medical team may see over a 100 patients in a day. We provide medications for the prescriptions to patients – doctors bring what they can, funds are raised to purchase more locally. Non-medical team members distribute humanitarian supplies at various locations for women and children and coordinate learning and play activities for the children.

10981940_809827925759679_7652071075352120344_oIf you would like to participate in an upcoming mission, please contact us at our office in Seattle at 206-545-7307 and speak to Rita or Linda. We need people with all kinds of skill sets- not just medical. If you have organizational skills, language skills, etc, please consider joining us. We engage in all kinds of humanitarian efforts as well – distributing clothing, food, blankets, school supplies, and more.

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