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Medical Aid for Lebanon

SCM recently partnered with Medglobal to procure cancer medications for patients in Lebanon. We were able to get $25,000 in needed medications that have become very scarce or completely unavailable in Lebanon due to the economic collapse. We received a list of the needed medications from Lebanon’s Ministry of Health and were able to purchase in Jordan, Egypt, and Germany, and even a few in Lebanon. Prices ranged from $100 to $2000 per dose.

Medglobal provided $20,000 in funding. SCM managed the procurement and added and additional $5000 funding via a generous donor. Our regional manager, Basel Sawalha, traveled to Lebanon to oversee the project and get all the medications to our manager there for distribution.

Unfortunately there were 3 or 4 medications that are over $2000 a dose and we could not purchase those at the expense of not being able to get more of another drug that could go to more people.

SCM is thankful for Medglobal’s partnership in this project to get the medications to the people that really need them.

Read more about the medication shortages here.

The situation in Lebanon before the blast in August was already precarious due to dysfunctional government agencies and massive economic problems. The people of Lebanon are suffering because of mismanagement by the government and need our help just to get the necessities and prescription medications. Please continue to support our efforts. Even through the pandemic people still need our help.

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