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Humanitarian Aid

Malki Center’s April Updates

As you’ve all probably have noticed, it was a very busy month for our Malki Children’s Center in Amman; graduations, visiting volunteers, and preparing for a new incoming group!

We had 13 children graduate in April, with 2 children continuing their treatment and joining another group of students that attend 3 days/week.  Some children need more assistance than others. Luckily, our program is flexible enough to support the various needs of the children for as long it is needed. With the new additions, this group now has 21 children. Our Malki Team has been working hard and have screened students to replace the 1st group. 20 children have been selected to start the 2 days/week program, which will begin this week.

Dr. Mohanad Absi, our Lead Psychologist at the Malki Center, has been witnessing a reoccurring theme with the children this past month. Unfortunately, the children have been struggling with anger issues, phobias, chronic nightmares, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and sudden emotional/physical reactions when reminded of traumatic events. Many have also experienced some sort of abuse. Some children and their parents have been forwarded to a psychiatrist who has been volunteering with us to on Tuesdays for drug therapy. In addition, Dr. Absi has also been providing clinical psychological assistance to many mothers of the children. We believe that a child’s wellbeing can only be achieved with the family’s as well, and with an environment (in and out of the center) is one that promotes healing and growth.

As for visitors, we had the privilege of having Jean Bradbury from Studio Syria work at the Center. Jean has been a strong supporter of SCM’s projects, and has volunteered her time here in the states and in Amman to assist us. Be sure to check out her comment and pictures below!

“Such a wonderful morning working with the Syrian kids at the Malki Center in Amman – sponsored by the Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle. Beautiful staff and beautiful kids. Studio Syria donated art supplies and children’s books to be used for traumatized children who have fled the conflict in Syria.”

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