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Lebanon Clinic Update

SCM Medical Missions: Lifesaving Free Clinic in Lebanon Needs Your Help

In a world where access to healthcare is a privilege rather than a right, SCM Medical Missions’ free clinic in Lebanon stands as a beacon of hope. So far this year, our dedicated team has treated an astounding 1,723 patients, providing essential medical care to those who need it most. Last year, we were able to help 2,620 individuals, showcasing the growing need and our relentless commitment to serving the community.

But our clinic is more than just a place for medical treatment for disadvantaged Lebanese and Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Beyond the patients seen, we have also coordinated food distributions and various aid programs to support the well-being of the community. The impact of our efforts extends far beyond the walls of our clinic, touching countless lives in ways that go unnoticed in mere numbers.

However, the sustainability of our clinic is at a critical juncture. To continue providing these vital services, we need your help. Donations are crucial to cover our ongoing expenses, including rent, supplies, maintenance, and salaries for our hardworking permanent staff.

Every contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference. By donating, you become a part of our mission, ensuring that we can keep our doors open to the many who rely on us. Together, we can continue to provide not just medical care, but also hope and support to those in need.

Join us in our mission to make healthcare accessible to all. Donate today and help us sustain the lifeline that is SCM Medical Missions’ free clinic in Lebanon.

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