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Left today for another new camp called Jaser Camp . I thought the camp we were at in the beginning was bad, but honestly this one is worse – NO WATER TANKS. They carry water in large gas containers for drinking and cooking. They really have nothing for bathing, washing, etc.

I have no idea how they can live like this . Our group was there for 7 hours and when we used wet wipes on our hands and faces it was brown from all the dust. The weather has been very hot and with the wind blowing it’s like a sand storm. After the mission we all got back to the hotel to wash ourselves and clothes  – that was a luxury.

There are about 259 people in Jaser Camp .

We saw 220 in our clinics
48 eye glasses we given out
64 in the dental patients

We distributed clothes, baby formula, diapers, toys, candy, and school supplies to all.

I went out in the afternoon with one of the drivers, Ahmed, to the factory that makes water tanks and ordered 10 medium size about 2 1/4 cubic meters in volume. They will be delivered on Thursday, and we also need to get faucets and some concrete blocks that they will sit on.

We will call the water company and get water delivered weekly . I also saw that they had no chairs so we stopped by a shop and bought 30 child-sized chairs and 20 adult-sized chairs and got them delivered. They were so happy – especially the women.

The people were so nice and welcoming and so appreciated what we were doing.

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