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July was a good month for SCM. Here is what we were able to do this last month thanks to your generous donations:

Class is back in session at Iliadis!

Class is back in session at Iliadis!

  • Supplied food to over 3,000 people inside of Syria for one month
  • Opened a school at Iliadis Camp in Greece for children and for adults
  • Distributed food everyday during Ramadan: bread, fruits vegetables and dates
  • Distributed gift bags for the Eid – full of toys, candy, new clothes for the children
  • Distributed over 1000 korans and prayer beads that the refugees requested
  • Sent out school supplies with nearly every mission volunteer leaving from the US to Greece
  • Participated in the Hackathon/Hack for Humanity with Microsoft and came away with a system to streamline our communication with our teams in Greece and gather more information and data to track progress, supplies, issues, and more
  • Distributed clothing that we had sent via container to Jordan to the refugees there
  • Helped several refugee families with funds to pay for surgery and medicines that were needed

With your continued support and donations we can continue to help the Syrian people. Even though Ramadan is finished and we have all celebrated the Eid, the displaced Syrians are still living in the same conditions, and in some ways worse than before, and the situation is not going to get better any time soon. The Syrians are facing uncertain futures, they don’t know what will come next or where they will end up. We need to keep our efforts going. Please donate now, and help SCM provide more nutrition, more educational opportunities, more medications, more school supplies, more baby formula, and so on. The more you give, the more we can accomplish. Any amount helps!

Thank you all again for your help and your loving hearts.

~Rita Zawaideh


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