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Help Provide Lights for Refugees

1 Sponsored PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

SCM is partnering with two great organizations to provide LuminAID Solar Lanterns and Because International to provide the Shoes That Grow for an upcoming container shipment going to Jordan. We have worked with both organizations in the past and they both help us, with your generous support, get much needed safe lighting and shoes to refugees in Jordan. This post is about the solar lantern campaign.

LuminAID has set up a web page for our campaign that enables our supporters to purchase a lantern or a lantern + cell phone charger at half off retail, and it will be shipped directly to SCM to go in the next container. The lanterns are so useful for the refugees living in areas where electricity is not reliable or not available at all. Solar lanterns charge during the day, then enable children to do homework in the evening, chores to be accomplished, and provide light for safety. The lanterns with the cell phone charger will allow use of cell phones without having to go find a charging station or wait for electricity to be restored. For many refugees, their cell phones are lifelines to loved ones that have fled to other countries besides Jordan, or are in different parts of Jordan. They also use their cell phones to find resources and assistance, so being able to use a cell phone regularly is very important.

Please click this link to go to our LuminAID campaign page, and help provide safe, portable lighting to the refugees living in Jordan.


The link for the Shoes That Grow page is coming soon! We will post it as soon as the page is ready to go. Thank you again for your continued support of SCM and the Syrian Refugees!

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