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#Ghouta Needs Our Help Now

The situation in Ghouta is desperate. The people are living through hell with constant bombings, targeting of hospitals, blockade, homes destroyed, and streets blocked by rubble. Doctors are out of medications and often have to use very crude medical practices to treat the many wounded streaming into what is left of the hospitals.

We have heard from doctors we know there and they are using expired medications because they can’t get resupplied with new and needed medications and equipment. They are running out of food and starvation is a very real threat. We must help them now. Below is a video taken by a very brave teen, Muhammed Najem, who is chronicling the destruction of his city. At the bottom of this post there are more links to help you understand the situation in Ghouta, please take a few moments to watch the video and read some of the linked information.


Ghouta is a district to the east of Damascus. It is a rebel-held enclave and the Syrian government forces have been bombing indiscriminately for a week now. There has been little regard for the civilians who live in this region, and again the hospitals and rescue personnel have been targeted. Please donate now to help get much needed medications, gas masks, and other equipment needed to treat the wounded and protect the medical personnel in case of a gas attack, which is feared to be imminent.


BBC: Syria war: Ghouta pounded as UN tussles over ceasefire

CNN: Ghouta residents now face being burned out of their destroyed homes

Reuters: Syria’s eastern Ghouta bombed again before U.N. ceasefire vote

The Guardian: Ghouta’s desperate civilians say they’ve been abandoned to their fate

Time: A Syrian Medic’s Account of His City’s Siege: ‘People Don’t Celebrate Birthdays Now’


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