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Thanks to your donations, SCM is currently supporting a meal distribution project in Gaza. We have been funding our local Gaza coordinator to procure food and set up a kitchen to feed displaced Gazans who have lost everything.

Food insecurity is a severe issue in Gaza, with thousands facing starvation. Children are especially vulnerable, suffering long-term effects from malnutrition that go beyond health problems, including stunted growth and impaired learning. In the early stages of starvation, concentration becomes difficult. As starvation progresses, the body consumes its energy stores—carbohydrates, fats, and eventually proteins (such as muscles). As the body wastes away, metabolism slows, temperature regulation fails, and organs begin to shut down.

We are doing everything we can to provide food to those in need. Although other organizations are also working to address this crisis, it is still not enough. Large organizations like World Central Kitchen have done incredible work feeding thousands of Palestinians, only to come under attack, resulting in the tragic loss of several workers. SCM’s advantage lies in our size; while we may not have the extensive reach of larger organizations, we can operate discreetly and effectively, focusing on feeding needy neighborhoods.

Every contribution makes a difference. Please help us keep the Gaza Kitchen running.

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