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food-aid-riceHumanitarian agencies, and host communities have been struggling to meet the needs of the rapidly growing refugee population. The hardest recently hit with financial cutbacks has been the WFP (World Food Program). This has resulted in the reduction of food vouchers (anywhere from $7-$14/month) or termination of vouchers for roughly 440,000 individuals. Furthermore, Palestinians have been completely cut off from the program since January 2015.

For $50, we are able to purchase food parcels that contain a variety of food staples that will feed a family of four for one month.  This includes items such as frozen chicken, rice, pasta, flour, cooking oil, tea, sugar and so on.

food-aid1What originally started as a seasonal Food Drive to alleviate the pressure experienced by refugees during the month of Ramadan, SCM has decided to continuously provide food parcels when funding allows to refugees in Jordan.

With your continued support, SCM has been able to provide food parcels for the last 3 years reaching over 1,000 families each of those years. As the WFP continues to reduce or terminate vouchers, we call on our supporters to help us address the protection gaps that continue to emerge. Our goal for 2019 is to reach 2000 families.


food-aid-tea Just think of it. Skipping that grande, soy, no-foam latte for only one week will allow you to enjoy it even more, knowing you donated that money to help a family in need. Consider making this a monthly donation by checking the box on the donation form to automatically repeat the donation each month.

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