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Food Aid for Refugees in Jordan


This is what we have done on previous food distributions.

“The war in Syria enters its tenth year on Sunday, and there is still no real end in sight. The United Nations says more than 11 million Syrians are in urgent need of aid.” – Al Jazeera

For the last several years, SCM has been doing weekly distributions of needed supplies at the smaller camps around Jordan, but this week we have been told we must stop because of the coronavirus outbreak. Our next container of donated supplies is on hold for now and will remain in our storage until things open back up in Seattle.

Many of our avenues to help the refugees right now are closed to us, except one: we can buy food and water for them. Just like our Ramadan Food Drive, we are planning to send money to our office in Jordan where they will buy the food and make parcels and deliver them to the smaller camps around Jordan. We will also provide water and sanitizing supplies.

The larger camps like Zaatari and Azrak are being managed by the UN and larger NGOs, but the smaller camps of 50 – 100 people are not being served at all except by the smaller NGOs like SCM Medical Missions. The conditions in these camps are poor, with families living crowded together in tents and portables, and with the cold weather they stay cramped together for most of the day. We have a team of volunteers that will take the food and water to the camp and distribute to each tent rather than have everyone crowd together to get supplies.
Donate Jordan Food AidJordan is a poor country to start with and the coronavirus pandemic is taking a major toll on the country. This means the refugee population is particularly hard hit. We need to make sure they have food, water, and sanitizers to help them make it through until things calm down.

Your help is desperately needed, so please, if you can make a donation of any amount, we will wire this money weekly to Jordan and get our partners there to turn around and buy the groceries that are needed. We’ve already made arrangements through local grocers to buy the food or provide a voucher to families to obtain the food themselves at the grocery store.

For 9 years the people of Syria have been living a nightmare, and as the war enters its 10th year, the situation is as dire as ever. Please donate if you can to help us feed the refugees in need in Jordan.

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