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SCM is sending aid in the form of humanitarian and medical supplies to Beirut. We are working in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charities, whom we have been working with for nine years in Jordan, to move supplies from our warehouse in Madaba to Lebanon. We are also buying food, medicines, equipment, and other needed supplies. Please donate to help the people of Beirut and Lebanon as they work to recover from the tragic explosion that has left over 300,000 people displaced and a large portion of Beirut destroyed. Read more about our efforts here.


We continue to provide aid to the refugees in Greece, particularly those on the island of Samos. The camps there have suffered fires, the refugees attacked, and the conditions they are forced to live in are unsanitary. The Greek government is not doing much to help the situation and have prevented us from going their directly so we have an agent on the ground that is a Greek national who is helping us get the needed supplies to the refugees. Please help us keep this effort going by donating today. We are purchasing food, hygiene supplies, tarps and bedding, and rodent control to help eliminate the rat problem in the camp.


As the scope of the COVID-19 health crisis continues to grow, we are raising funds to help refugees resettled in Washington state with rent payments. Many of the refugees have lost jobs or seen their income severely reduced due to the mandatory stay at home order. We need to help them as much as we can as they may not be eligible for the same benefits as US citizens under the relief bills coming out of DC. Please donate to help them stay in their homes – this is an emergency.


SCM, along with Dunya Productions and Donkeysaddle Projects, is working with organizers on the ground in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank to distribute packages of food and necessities to families in dire need, including families of those in quarantine in Gaza during the pandemic. 100% of funds donated to this small-scale volunteer project will directly go towards these vital provisions.


SCM is helping a group called There For You to raise money for their neighbors in need. You can contribute here to help them during this time of crisis in our state. Fund will be used to help pay rent and  utilities.


SCM is supporting LGBTQI refugees to help them get to safety in Canada. They are extremely vulnerable and are often persecuted within the camps. They need help to get out of the camps and on their way to a new and safe life in Canada, but they lack the resources to do so. As part of our mission to help the most vulnerable refugees, we are starting a new fund to help cover living expenses outside the camps and other fees associated with their asylum and immigration cases. We have people on the ground who are bringing specific cases of people in danger to us that we will assist on a case by case basis. We are also partnering with an organization in Canada to accomplish this.

Please help us help them get out of the camps to safety and a new life in Canada.

Women & Children: Women’s empowerment, skills training at the sewing centers, children’s education, Children’s Trauma Center, and more.

Food Security: We organize several food distributions throughout the year in Jordan, and the biggest of them is at Ramadan. Feed a family for a month (basic staples such as salt, flour, tea, sugar, pasta, rice, bouillon, soup, tomato paste, etc, and frozen chicken) for $50. DONATE TO RAMADAN FOOD DRIVE

CHECKS: If you would like to send us a check donation, please make the check to Salaam Cultural Museum and mail to our office at 3806 Whitman Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103

Thank you for your continued support!

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