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I did not sleep well last night, as usual. I keep thinking of the Syrian people and everything that needs to be done to help them, and I just can’t grasp what the world community is thinking.

We need massive support from the international community and also our own communities. We need to work on projects for education, health and the water infrastructure.

We need the countries in the region and around the world to keep their doors open to Syrian Refugees. We need open door policies and global responsibility. We need support, massive support – we need countries that had made UN pledges to make those pledges. We need people like ourselves to make pledges to help the Syrian people.

Do not give up- this is not something that one group of people or country can do alone. We will not be able to stop this humanitarian crisis that is taking place in front of our eyes if people don’t join together to make it stop. Social media is bringing this into our homes.

Please do not ignore it, we need help. The Syrian people need help- they should not be forgotten.

Please give whatever you can go to any web site and give everyone has something extra even $5 will help one child. You can donate now by clicking on the button at the top right of this screen, or mail a check to our office made out to SCM.

Thank you.

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