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The concerted commitment of Fairwood Community United Methodist Church and SCM Medical Missions has grown to meet the needs in helping the stream of newly arriving Afghan Refugees. We’ve expanded our response to meet our new neighbors’ long journey getting settled – get a residence, find beds, a few chairs and dinner table with dishes, acquire clothes and basic hygiene essentials, as they also look for jobs absent computers yet. Caring Volunteers meet these brothers and sisters and their tender little ones to ease the way and give hope.

Friday we assisted 21 adult Refugees from 18 families accompanied by 11 cute children. The impact was big since the families represent 35 adults and 48 children. Friday and our week long planning by at least 22 Volunteers paid off. We gave each bags and bags of hygiene items, clothes and shoes, toys, stuffed animals, books, school supplies, colorful hand made quilts for the children, toddler chairs, jewelry for the females, and the best surprise of all, sewing machines, and bicycles with helmets for adults and children!
Community giving begets more community giving showing us the humanity out there we’ re all trying to share! As word spreads weekly, more hygiene items appear thanks to anonymous gift cards, other charities, individuals and churches. Somehow we manage to restock, so we ensure Refugees get the basic items their families need.

The appreciation of our visitors leaves heart warming impressions. Parents are grateful to get their family’s many toiletries, diapers and new cotton underwear for everybody. Dads and Moms are touched when we roll up a pretty quilt for each child. Sweet children play at the toy center as we catch their smiles. Toddlers readily reach out and hug the soft, fabric handmade Dolls for Hope. The grand surprises are the bicycles and sewing machines that create some happiness to improve the Refugees’ days ahead.

Also, the Covington Kiwanis Club is adding to their big bicycle delivery on Wednesday. 25 backpacks, many new all weather, fleece lined jackets in black, gray and blue for adults and kids (all sizes), and school supplies! And, Issaquah Women’s Club reached out this weekend to me about a Service project they will do in April for us. I have to find out if UMC Pastor and Council expects us to finish at end of April or wants to extend longer.
More Later. Have a good week as you free people from tyrants!!

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