SCM Medical Missions


3806 Whitman Ave N
Seattle WA 98103


+1 206-545-7307


SCM is having a clothing and soft goods drive to benefit SCM’s programs. We are partnering with another organization to turn your donated clothing (including accessories like handbags, duffel bags, scarves, ties, hats, mittens and gloves, etc) bedding, towels, curtains, tablecloths, shoes (all kinds), socks, etc, into cash that we can use to support our programs.

Please bring your items in plastic garbage bags to our office at 3806 Whitman Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103 before February 26th. No moldy or mildewy items, please!

If you have a large amount of items, please call us (206-545-7307) before bringing them by the office so we can have the space ready and people to help unload your vehicle.

If you live in another city and would like to help, call us. We can have the organization we are working with contact you to organize your own local drive – it’s easy!

Thank you!


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