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We would like to thank everyone who helped out with our clothing/soft goods drive last month. All the efforts and donations really paid off. We broke the record at Value Village for the amount of donations and received a check today for $2842.40! You donated over 14,000 pounds of clothing, bedding, accessories, towels, etc!

The money raised will be used for our upcoming medical mission to buy supplies, medications, baby formula, etc. Thank you all for your efforts, and keep going through your closets! We are going to have another drive next month. I know it is a high bar to surpass, but if we can get even close to what was brought in with the last clothing drive, it is a huge help!

Next Drive Ends April 15, 2015

If you want to be involved in the next drive, consider your children’s schools, your church or other civic group, or even just around your neighborhood. We have plastic bags and flyers we can send to you to hand out – if each child and their family in a class of 25 fills just 2 bags, at an average of $4 per bag, that is $200 we can use to buy 6 families food for a month, or 40 cans of baby formula. In exchange, you get to clean out the clutter from closets, drawers, bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and more!

Collect the bags, and bring them here to our office, or we can arrange a drop off time at the Value Village we are working with here in Seattle. We will close the drive on April 15th. Contact Brenda in the office or by email at brenda at salaamculturalmuseum.org for the details and to sign up to help.

If you live outside of the Seattle area, but would like to do a clothing drive in your area, contact Brenda and she can put you in touch with the coordinator at Value Village to find the closest one to you and set up the details for your drive.

Thank you again to everyone who donated, keep that spring cleaning going!


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