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Education Centers Report

Our program coordinator for our Women and Children’s Programs in Greece, Rasha, submitted this report of her activities to date in setting up the new schools in two of the camps in Northern Greece.

Subject: SCM Educational Component in Northern Greece Refugee Camps (06/2016-08/2016)
Reported by: Rasha A.

Frakapor: Registration for this learning center site began about one week after my arrival to Greece. I conducted a tent-to-tent survey of school aged children (ages 5-18 yrs). Children with special needs were also reported. The learning center opened the following week. The site was not ideal for holding classes, but it was the only option as Save the Children refused to hand over or even share their site for SCM volunteers to hold classes. Therefore SCM volunteers worked with what they could to make the open site conducive to a proper learning space. Money raised by volunteers and donated by SCM itself was used to finance the needs of the center, including the purchase of notebooks and pencil packets (pencils, eraser, sharpener) for each child that attended, as well as small/large whiteboards, floor mats, etc.

Classes were arranged by the following age groups:
5-7 yrs
8-10 yrs
11-13 yrs
14+ yrs

Classes for 5-10 yr olds ran one hour (two – 30 minute subject sessions) daily.
Classes for 11+ yrs ran for 1.5 hrs (two – 45 minute subject sessions) daily.
Subjects included: Math, Arabic, English, Gym

English class for adults

English class for adults

Iliadis: Registration for this learning center site began about one month after my arrival to Greece. The reason for the delay was for one primary reason- the location for the learning center needed an infrastructure to be built. Therefore we were delayed in the start-up of that site. After about three weeks of planning and discussion with the builders, an initial infrastructure was put up. After another two weeks the main center structure was built. In addition to volunteers from various groups working to build SCM the site, they also custom made large cabinets and chalk boards as well as eventually returning with custom made school desks and chairs for the children.

Registration for school aged children (ages 5-18 yrs) was done prior to any building. Children with special needs were also reported.

Money raised by volunteers and donated by SCM itself was used to finance the needs of the center, including the purchase of notebooks and pencil packets (pencils, eraser, sharpener) for each child that attended, as well as small/large whiteboards, floor mats, workbooks, puzzles, etc.

Classes were arranged by the following age groups:
5-7 yrs
8-10 yrs
11-13 yrs
14+ yrs

Wooden desks and chairs ready to go to the schools we have set up

Wooden desks and chairs ready to go to the schools we have set up

Classes for 5-10 yr olds ran one hour (two – 30 minute subject sessions) daily.
Classes for 11+ yrs ran for 1.5 hrs (two – 45 minute subject sessions) daily.
Subjects included: Math, Arabic, English, Gym, Art

The site for this camp proved to be much more efficient for teaching, especially once I asked for a door to be built to control who comes in and out and also lower walls to be added to avoid distraction of the children during classes.

Note: Both sites included adult English classes (Beginner/Advanced) as well as alternative German for kids and adults.

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#BabyBox Project Report #SCMHelp4Syrians #UNHCR @TheBabyBoxCo


Bed Boxes from The Baby Box Company have a mattress, waterproof cover and sheet for the baby to sleep on. We fill the boxes with the needed supplies from your donations.

The staff of the UNHCR in Jordan was kind enough to send us this report on the distribution of the baby kits we sent last fall. They are eagerly awaiting our next shipment, which should be getting ready for distribution just about now. In June we sent 100 Bed Boxes and 200 bags of supplies. And there is another shipment that will be departing Seattle for Jordan next month (September) that will contain another 100 Bed Boxes and the bags of supplies to go with them.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to stock the baby kits! Our group of Ravelry knitters and sewers have been really hard at work and have sent some really beautiful items.

And a big thank you to the Baby Box Company that we worked with to get our 200 Bed Boxes for this year – they donated half of the boxes to SCM to help us reach our goal!

We need a few more items to fill the boxes, and as you can see, they are asking for cool weather supplies. Please be sure to visit our Amazon wish list for needed items. This is an ongoing need to provide support for the new mothers and and their babies.

Thank you!!

UNHCR Baby Kits Briefed Report:

  • In winter and specifically in December 2015, UNHCR have received CRI items which included different types of baby kits and clothes needed by the new baby born or by the women who had delivered. This was in response to gap on baby clothes that was so much needed for mothers.
  • The boxes were received and distributed to the Community Services offices to both (Zatari Camp office and Urban office). Urban office took around 10 boxes in which each box contains 4 bags of baby kits to be given to the persons of concerns while the rest of the boxes were distributed to refugees in the Camp.
  • Urban office covered all villages of Mafraq district in the urban, while the Zatari Camp office  covered 12 Districts within the camp. Therefore; Refugees from different locations (Villages and poor areas) in Urban and Camp were able to obtain these baby kits, weather they got it from our office directly or in some cases we had to reach their homes and deliver them the kits they needed.
  • Kits were given to different vulnerable categories of Refugees who were unable to afford the baby clothes cost, The clothes were distributed to either pregnant women who are on their last month to deliver (Pregnant with one baby or twins), or to cases of Women who have already given birth and their baby’s ages around 1- 3 weeks. These Categories contained;
  • Cases with Female House Hold who with no male support or no income generation,
  • Households with children disabled, household that are unable to provide the baby,
  • Cases with Elderly who are caregiver to new baby born (for example; their grandsons and granddaughters),
  • Cases contain a household with medical condition that is also unable to provide clothes for their new baby born.
  • Cases with other different vulnerability concerns.
  • Number of Cases were given Baby kits in Mafraq Office were around 45 Cases, while in Zatari Camp office the 135 of cases due to the high number in the camp and the vulnerability of the HH cases in need to new baby born cloths was high. They were distributed through UNHCR Helpdesk or through home visits to specific cases who are in need for it.
  • All Bags were distributed during the months December 2015 Until March 2016 (winter Season), many Refugees have returned to us asking for these baby cloths and they were around 10 cases in Urban but unfortunately we were ran out of them all and in both offices.
  • Cases who have received these baby kits were very happy, they totally benefited of them as it was winter and they really needed warm clothes for these poor new babies, women were thankful and informed other pregnant women about these kits, and that’s how we were able to distribute them all during the above mentioned dates and among poor areas. If there will be another of baby kits boxes to be deliver again for the refugees we would love and kindly wonder if these clothes to fit the Autumn Season, if available J. The quality of cloths was good.
  • We wanted to have some pictures with these wonderful cases but most of them were refusing for privacy, though; there were a woman who had tiny beautiful twins whom she accept to take a photo 🙂



Finally, we as UNHCR team and Refugees would like to thank you so much for these baby kits that put a big smile on refugees faces and make them realize there are people from different places; close and away places, within the same country or from countries on the other side of this planet who also are thinking of them and looking forward to serve them within these hard times as this shows our humanity side of our personalities as good human.

Thank You for everyone’s Effort and nice gifts 🙂


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July Update

July was a good month for SCM. Here is what we were able to do this last month thanks to your generous donations:

Class is back in session at Iliadis!

Class is back in session at Iliadis!

  • Supplied food to over 3,000 people inside of Syria for one month
  • Opened a school at Iliadis Camp in Greece for children and for adults
  • Distributed food everyday during Ramadan: bread, fruits vegetables and dates
  • Distributed gift bags for the Eid – full of toys, candy, new clothes for the children
  • Distributed over 1000 korans and prayer beads that the refugees requested
  • Sent out school supplies with nearly every mission volunteer leaving from the US to Greece
  • Participated in the Hackathon/Hack for Humanity with Microsoft and came away with a system to streamline our communication with our teams in Greece and gather more information and data to track progress, supplies, issues, and more
  • Distributed clothing that we had sent via container to Jordan to the refugees there
  • Helped several refugee families with funds to pay for surgery and medicines that were needed

With your continued support and donations we can continue to help the Syrian people. Even though Ramadan is finished and we have all celebrated the Eid, the displaced Syrians are still living in the same conditions, and in some ways worse than before, and the situation is not going to get better any time soon. The Syrians are facing uncertain futures, they don’t know what will come next or where they will end up. We need to keep our efforts going. Please donate now, and help SCM provide more nutrition, more educational opportunities, more medications, more school supplies, more baby formula, and so on. The more you give, the more we can accomplish. Any amount helps!

Thank you all again for your help and your loving hearts.

~Rita Zawaideh


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Getting Back to School

SCM is setting up a section of a large warehouse for our school at the Frakapor camp in Greece. Tomorrow will be our first day operating there, and the first couple of days will be spent assessing the kids to see where they are at academically. We are being helped by refugees who used to be teachers back home in Syria, as well as our humanitarian volunteers that join the missions.

Supplies for the school are being sent to Greece with our volunteers, and some supplies are being purchased there in Greece. You can help get more school supplies to them by visiting our Amazon Wish List where you can find items needed for the schools and for our New Baby Welcome Kits that are also going to go to Greece, but in a container in September.



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#BabyBox Update

Originally posted on April 13, 2016

We have been receiving so many items for the baby box project, it has been amazing! We still need more of certain items to round out the boxes, so please, keep them coming!

You can see our wish list on Amazon here: https://amzn.com/w/20GJ6K2ZCHG9N

And you can donate to the project here: http://www.crowdrise.com/new-baby-welcome-kits-for-refugees-in-jordan/

The donations are going towards the Bed Boxes from The Baby Box Company and also to purchase anything we are short of for the boxes themselves. We are planning to have them completed by the end of May for the container going in June.

Thank you to everyone who has sent items or donated for the project!


Women & Children

Mother & Baby Housing Project

Originally posted on April 5, 2016

Rita has just returned from visiting the border of Greece and Macedonia where she was able to see first hand the situation of the refugees. As a result of her visit, SCM will be redirecting some of our efforts from coordinating medical missions to providing temporary housing for pregnant women and their new babies.

One thing many people find incredible about the refugee experience is how many women are making the journey while very pregnant. We have heard stories of the women arriving on Lesbos either about to give birth or they do give birth almost on arrival. Women walking for miles and miles while 8.5 months along. Women at the border camp giving birth in a small tent then having to wash the baby over a puddle outside with bottled (not warm!) water. So many women have risked EVERYTHING to find safety for themselves and their families and are giving birth in deplorable conditions.

To help alleviate this crisis, SCM has worked with local officials to find several condo units that we can rent for a nominal cost to house the women and their immediate family while they give birth and then give them some recuperation time before they have to leave. They will be visited by doctors and nurses on a regular basis.

Currently the rate we have been given is 300 Euro per month for each unit, and we may have access to 12 in total. We will also provide the funds for electricity and any medications the mothers will need. If you can help us provide a safe and clean place for women to give birth, please donate to our Greece Fund by clicking here or go to our Donation page and click the link there for our Greece Fund.

More information will be coming as we make progress on this program, with photos and stories about the women who have been moved into the housing. Check back for updates!