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Sewing Centers in Jordan

As just a reminder that what you donate to us here at our office in Seattle really does make it’s way to Jordan and to help the refugees there, we found this photo of the big sewing machine as it was being loaded into the container to be shipped to Jordan. That is the same table that you see being unloaded from the truck in a post we put up just before New Year’s Eve. We also found some more photos of the sewing machines people had purchased on Amazon and had delivered to our office. These are also being put to use in the first sewing center we sponsored at Zaatari.

Thank you for all your support! We will have another container going to Jordan soon!


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Baby Carrier Distribution

SCM partnered with International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Carry the Future to distribute baby carriers shipped to Jordan by SCM. IRC had staff trained to fit mothers with the carriers and ensure they could use the carriers to safely carry their babies. The carriers are so helpful particularly since strollers are not very abundant.

SCM wants to thank both organizations – IRC and Carry the Future – for collecting and distributing the carriers, and SCM is pleased we could help facilitate the project.

JordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Sewing Centers in Jordan

We just received photos of a new sewing center being set up near Zaatari. This is one of the projects for self-reliance that SCM is sponsoring with your help. It’s part of the skills training provided to refugee women to learn a new skill that will enable them to earn money for their families. Now they have a new place to run their business out of.

There is still time to donate for 2017, and help programs like the skills training programs continue into 2018. Your generous donations are turned into aid for the refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and here in Washington State. We have also sent aid to Puerto Rico, and will do so again in 2018. Your donations go a long way with SCM. We are able to move quickly and target where the aid goes and get the people what they actually need in a timely manner. Donate now before tomorrow’s deadline, and help our programs get a jump on 2018.

We wish you and your families a happy and prosperous New Year, and we also hope for a better year for the millions of displaced Syrians who still need our help.


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Backpack Distribution in Jordan

SCM distribution at a school in Ghour Fife in southern Jordan on September 24, 2017 with some of our volunteers. The backpacks are from our partner Operation Refugee Child (ORC) who sent the backpacks with school supplies in the container that recently arrived at our warehouse in Madaba.

Without the work of organizations working together we would not be able to help all these people. Thank you Gader-Ibrahim of ORC.

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Thank you Ebay!

SCM has the best supporters! We just received a grant from the Ebay Foundation for $10,000! The grant was initiated by one of our volunteers who is an employee there, and has been helping us with our online store.

Thank you Farah for putting this in motion and following up on it to secure the grant for SCM! The money will be used for programs like the women’s empowerment and training programs in Jordan and here in Washington State for resettled refugee women.

If you work for a company with a grant program, and are looking for ways to support SCM, this is a great way to do it. Check with your company’s HR department or corporate giving manager to see if there any grant opportunities, obtain the application, and then contact us for help to complete the grant request. You will likely need specific information about SCM our non-profit status for the application.

Thank you again to Farah, and to Ebay for providing this grant to SCM!


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Carry the Future for Refugee Moms


In 2016, not only were we able to send 200 Baby Boxes to refugee mothers in Jordan, but through that effort we were introduced to an organization called Carry the Future to get baby carriers to refugee mothers.

IMG-20170314-WA0011_resized_1Carry the Future collected 1600 carriers that were sent by container to our warehouse in Madaba, where they were sorted and prepared for distribution. A Carry the Future representative was in Jordan to help get things going and to train our representatives, Viola and Zena, how to fit the carriers for the recipients.

The baby carriers will help mothers with babies by freeing their arms and hands to do other things while keeping their baby safe and secure. It improves their mobility, and enables them to carry groceries or other items, or hold hands with other children, keeping them safe, as well.

Thank you to Carry the Future for collecting all the carriers!