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May 12th Distribution Photos

These photos are from a distribution at the Suf refugee camp for Syrians and Palestinians.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

The Shoe That Grows – 2019 Campaign

Once again SCM is teaming up with Because International to provide shoes to refugee children in Jordan. These amazing shoes are inexpensive, durable, and best of all, adjustable. They can accommodate a growing child’s foot for a lot longer than regular shoes, reducing the need to constantly find new shoes for growing feet. And most exciting is the new design that adds durability and a better fit!

Because International is matching your donations 1 to 1. For every $20, 2 children will receive a pair of new shoes that will protect their feet. SCM will get the shoes to Jordan and onto the feet of the children who need them most. Please help support this campaign, any donation helps!

Click here to join this campaign and get these shoes to refugee children in Jordan.

One of our volunteers helping a child get fitted with Shoes That Grow











Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

4th Sewing Center Opens

SCM has been able to open a 4th Sewing Center in Jordan where Syrian refugees can learn a new skill and then work with that new skill to earn an income. Thanks to all the support from our many donors, people shopping on our Amazon Wish List and sending us sewing machines, and our team in Jordan, we were able to make this happen.


Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Volunteer Experience in Jordan

Recently, two SCM supporters from Seattle – David Anderson and Tim Devine – volunteered their time in Jordan to help with distributions and work in our warehouse. They also carried suitcases of supplies with them, some items they had collected, some we gave to them to take with them. They had also collected funds that were donated by their churches. SCM thanks David and Tim for taking the time during their sabbatical travels to bring relief to the Syrian refugees in Jordan. They were kind enough to write up a report of their experiences and share it with and gave permission to us to share with everyone. We hope you enjoy reading the linked report below as much as we did.

Jordan Sabbatical Time with Zaatari Refugee Camp – February 2018

If you are interested in volunteering with SCM in Jordan, please contact our office in Seattle to discuss the possibilities: 206-545-7307.

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Sewing Centers in Jordan

As just a reminder that what you donate to us here at our office in Seattle really does make it’s way to Jordan and to help the refugees there, we found this photo of the big sewing machine as it was being loaded into the container to be shipped to Jordan. That is the same table that you see being unloaded from the truck in a post we put up just before New Year’s Eve. We also found some more photos of the sewing machines people had purchased on Amazon and had delivered to our office. These are also being put to use in the first sewing center we sponsored at Zaatari.

Thank you for all your support! We will have another container going to Jordan soon!


Humanitarian AidJordanRefugeesWomen & Children

Baby Carrier Distribution

SCM partnered with International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Carry the Future to distribute baby carriers shipped to Jordan by SCM. IRC had staff trained to fit mothers with the carriers and ensure they could use the carriers to safely carry their babies. The carriers are so helpful particularly since strollers are not very abundant.

SCM wants to thank both organizations – IRC and Carry the Future – for collecting and distributing the carriers, and SCM is pleased we could help facilitate the project.