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Humanitarian AidSyria

A Message from Rita

SCM gets aid quickly to those who need it most, thanks to your continuous support. When the recent earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, we immediately made phone calls, connected with partner teams on the ground, and assessed gaps that we could fill. We’re already distributing aid there. And our warehouse team in Jordan has quickly mobilized to send even more.

I lived in Aleppo for 10 years and have a lot of friends and family there, and we talk on a regular basis. They are also updating me on the situation and letting me know what is needed in the Aleppo and Idlib regions. This information along with the information we get from our partner teams informs our decisions on what to send in from Jordan and Turkey. SCM, with its partners, are working night and day to get the assistance needed in the northwest region of Syria.

To get assistance to people we are asking for monetary donations to purchase exactly what is needed in Jordan and Turkey and get it to people as soon as possible. It is faster than trying to organize, fill and ship a container.

There continue to be more earthquakes and aftershocks that are 5.8 and higher. The situation is very bad, and the weather is getting worse with expected snow, rain, and high wind conditions. A river levy has broken because of the earthquake and flooded nearby towns, making things even more difficult there, if you can imagine.

We still need your help. Please help us help them. If you have already donated, we thank you. Please share this with everyone you can think of. Also, consider setting up a monthly automatic donation by clicking the linked text.

Thank you!


Humanitarian AidSyria

Update on Earthquake Aid Distribution

Aid that we were able to provide because of your donations has arrived in northern Syria in Idlib. The following photos show where people have set up a camp to shelter those who have lost their homes or cannot get back into their homes for fear of the them collapsing. We have a partner who can travel from Turkey into northern Syria, bringing supplies into the area. Tents, food, baby formula, and more have been delivered to the Syrians.

Thank you for your support! Please keep sharing our Syria appeal – they will need help for quite a while.

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Humanitarian AidNewsSyria

Aid to Syria

Rita Zawaideh on KING5 News discussing the earthquake relief efforts in Seattle.

Humanitarian AidMedical AidSyria

Supply Airlift to Aleppo

SCM is working with JHCO to get humanitarian supplies to Aleppo, Syria


KNKX Public Radio 2-15-2023

Washington volunteers deliver aid to earthquake victims in Syria

KNKX Public Radio | By Lilly Ana Fowler

Published February 15, 2023 at 5:00 AM PST

Read or listen to the article here: https://www.knkx.org/social-justice/2023-02-15/washington-volunteers-deliver-aid-to-earthquake-victims-in-syria

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Humanitarian AidSyria

Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

SCM was able to send an initial disbursement of money to our office in Jordan to purchase food, blankets, and hygiene items that will be sent with the Jordan Hashemite Charities Organization by air to Aleppo right away.

Our director there, Basel Sawalha, is buying these items now and coordinating with the JHCO to deliver them to their plane for transport. These items will be distributed by the UN in and around Aleppo later tomorrow.

Your cash donations are so important to keep this effort going! In times like this, people need help now, not in months, waiting for a container of donations to arrive. We will continue to buy supplies in Jordan and Turkey and join with other organizations on the ground to get them distributed.

Our longstanding relationship with the JHCO helps us get aid to places we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. We partnered with them to get much needed aid from our warehouse in Madaba, Jordan to Beirut after the terrible explosion at the port there in 2020.

Please help us get more aid by donating today so supplies can be purchased right away in Jordan and sent to Aleppo. https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/donations/earthquake-aid/

Thank You!