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Huffington Post Publishes Mission Participant’s Reflection

Subject: My Syrian Refugee Experience is published!!!!

Woah. I submitted a draft of my reflection piece that I wrote about our time together in Jordan at the Syrian Refugee Camps. And the Huffington Post published it in their blogs section today!!!

I was totally not expecting it (it’s very personal) but hope you like it.

Thank you to all of you and especially to my brother Samer, Bassam, Mona, Grace, David and Natasha. Any good that comes out of people reading this is thanks to all of you.

Please share it with your email and facebook contacts!

With love,


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Mission update – June 1, 2014

Today the pharmacy had 200 patients, the dental clinic saw 45 patients, and the eye clinic filled 10 prescriptions. Humanitarians Jill and Soulaf were overwhelmed by the number of kids.

At the end of a long day, Drs. Ameer and Khaleel blew off some steam by playing street soccer with the neighborhood kids – everyone’s a kid at heart ūüôā

~Reem Atassi (Mission Coordinator)

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Photos from the first few days of the mission in Jordan

Here a some photos of the mission going on now in Jordan.

Humanitarian AidJordanRefugees

Thank you!

We have recently received two very large donations of medical supplies for our medical missions to Jordan, and we want to thank these donors for their generosity. This note was received for one of the shipments from the Beckett family, and another shipment of medical supplies (that filled our office!) came from a previous mission participant, Dr. Benton Lee Brown in Texas. Thank you for such generous consideration on supplies that we will be making very good use of on present and future missions to help the Syrian refugees.


Here is an attached list of 121 different supplies we would like to donate to you and your team.  We are very hopeful that these supplies can be put to good use by my brother in law Adam Beckett and the other volunteers helping with the Jordan team.  We will need a receipt before we release these supplies over. The total value of this donation is $11,621.27 which is listed on the attached document. If you have any further questions please feel free to call me again!

Best Of Luck Jordan Team!!!

Sincerely,  Lindsay Beckett

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2013 Annual Summary

2013 was a landmark year for Salaam Cultural Museum, but for a reason we wish were not true. Our organization took in more money and in Рkind donations last year than at any time in our history.  Unfortunately, this record activity is due to the seemingly endless humanitarian crisis happening in Syria. While I am very proud to say our organization and supporters have stepped up to help thousands of Syrian refugees, it continues to break my heart that we even have to do this.

I am very thankful for all those who have donated time, supplies, money, and other support to help us accomplish our goals. We could not have done it without you. SCM does not seek or accept US government funding, and because of this we can fund any project that we choose. It also allows us to speak out in support of social justice issues and the humanitarian efforts for the Syrian refugees. As always it is the personal donations and support that comes from people like you that allows us to do what we do.

The dedication of our volunteers here in the US and also in Jordan believe in what we are doing, and along with your contributions, keep this organization alive and able to support the humanitarian aid for the many, many Syrian refugees that have fled their homes over the last three years.

For the 2013 fiscal year, because of your generous donations and the matching donations of organizations and companies that you work for, and all of the efforts of our volunteers, we have been able to do the following:

  • Buy over $10,000 in medications in the US to take with us on our medical missions
  • Buy over $5000 in medications, for each mission, in Jordan through discount pharmacies, organized by our local pharmacist
  • Purchase $2000 to $3000 in baby formula in Jordan for each mission to deliver to the camps and women and children centers
  • We have given out over 10,000 diapers for infants and 3500 adult diapers
  • Over 5,000 cans of baby formula were purchased ¬†and ¬†distributed in Jordan and the region
  • Over 2000 wheelchairs, walkers and crutches that were donated here in the US were shipped to Jordan and Turkey to delivered to the clinics in the region
  • Over $200,000 worth of medical equipment has been donated to us and dispersed to clinics and hospitals in the region
  • In 2013 we sent ¬†14 containers to Jordan and 4 containers to Turkey
  • 2 ambulances were purchased and shipped to Turkey to transport injured and sick refugees to where they could get medical treatment
  • The Malki /SCM Center for Children was opened for kids with PTSD and staffed with one doctor and 4 teachers.
  • 500 pairs of donated eye glasses have been handed out for near sighted and far sighted patients during our missions
  • 400 pairs of shoes were donated by Keen and Nike and distributed to adults and children
  • 800 pairs of hand knitted gloves and hats were handed out to children in the different clinics
  • 4000 blankets were given out during the winter months
  • School supplies were dispersed to the different villages, and included books, pencils, pens, chalk boards, toys, backpacks etc.
  • Hospital equipment such as beds, lifts, patient tables collected in the US were shipped to Jordan for use in the clinics
  • We organized a Ramadan food drive to collect the funds to purchase food and were able to feed ¬†500 families with meat , rice, chicken, bread during Ramadan
  • Over 10,000 tons of flour were purchased and distributed to community bakeries to make bread for the needy
  • We coordinated medical missions in January, March, June, September, and November of 2013
  • On each mission our doctors, nurses, dentists, OBGYN, ophthalmologists, mental health specialists, etc, saw from 2500 or 3000 patients during the week of each mission
  • We have collaborated with other organizations that are helping the displaced Syrians, such as ¬†NAAMA, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, IRC, Saudi Hospital, and more

Our medical missions have provided much needed support and hope to the suffering people of Syria. With your continued support we have been able to keep up our pace of work and will continue to gather supplies and funds, and coordinate medical missions as long as the need is there and we can help to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rita Zawaideh, Board Executive