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Medical Aid for Lebanon

SCM recently partnered with Medglobal to procure cancer medications for patients in Lebanon. We were able to get $25,000 in needed medications that have become very scarce or completely unavailable in Lebanon due to the economic collapse. We received a list of the needed medications from Lebanon’s Ministry of Health and were able to purchase in Jordan, Egypt, and Germany, and even a few in Lebanon. Prices ranged from $100 to $2000 per dose.

Medglobal provided $20,000 in funding. SCM managed the procurement and added and additional $5000 funding via a generous donor. Our regional manager, Basel Sawalha, traveled to Lebanon to oversee the project and get all the medications to our manager there for distribution.

Unfortunately there were 3 or 4 medications that are over $2000 a dose and we could not purchase those at the expense of not being able to get more of another drug that could go to more people.

SCM is thankful for Medglobal’s partnership in this project to get the medications to the people that really need them.

Read more about the medication shortages here.

The situation in Lebanon before the blast in August was already precarious due to dysfunctional government agencies and massive economic problems. The people of Lebanon are suffering because of mismanagement by the government and need our help just to get the necessities and prescription medications. Please continue to support our efforts. Even through the pandemic people still need our help.

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Lebanon Distribution

SCM was able to coordinate a distribution of food items to poor and displaced families that are in the Bekka region of Lebanon. This was done with money raised by Gus Mansour and we gave out 50 food boxes at a cost of $20 each. You can see in the video and one of the photos what is in each box – staples like pasta, cooking oil, sugar, etc.

Thank you for your continued support! We will keep sending items in as long as we can via the Jordan Hashemite Charities from our Jordan warehouse, and we will continue to collect money for food, medicines, and minor repairs to homes damaged in the blast. We want as many people as possible to be able to go home or have shelter.

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Aid Airlift to Beirut

This morning (August 30, 2020) the Jordanian Hashemite Charities Organization loaded a military plane full of supplies for the people of Lebanon. SCM helped to fill the plane with donations from our warehouse and purchased supplies of food, blankets, solar lanterns, and other needed supplies. We also provided money for more food and supplies to be purchased in Lebanon.

SCM is working with the JHCO to get supplies into Lebanon because we know the supplies will go directly to the people and not get “lost” in government hands in Lebanon. Lebanon is facing huge corruption problems and a crisis in government so this ensures your donations get right to the people who need them.

The airlift left Amman around 8:30 am this morning and the flight took 3 hours – it normally would take about half an hour, but because the situation in Syria they cannot fly through Syrian airspace and cannot fly through Israeli airspace. This means the plane must fly south and then into Egypt then go north out over the Mediterranean and then into Lebanon.

Please share this and keep our relief efforts going. The need is still great, and the next airlift (next week) will include supplies to help begin repairing and rebuilding people’s homes in Beirut. We will also need more food and medical supplies for the clinics.

Humanitarian AidLebanon

Anyone Can Help Lebanon

Today we received such a heartwarming donation and the story behind it, and we wanted to share it with you. A young girl named Maya had been following the explosion and humanitarian crisis that followed in Beirut. Her family is Lebanese and Palestinian, so this tragedy has really struck home for them. With the help of her parents Ahmad and Rana, she reached out to our representative, Gus Mansour, who is traveling to Lebanon in just a few days. He will be taking suitcases packed with needed supplies and money to buy more supplies there. Maya had been saving money to buy a laptop for herself, but after hearing about the explosion and the conditions people are living in now because their homes were destroyed, she wanted to do something to help. So, she decided to donate the $300 she had saved up to help the Lebanese people recover from this tragedy.

We want to thank Maya for her compassion and generosity, and we know her selfless action will benefit so many in Beirut. She really is an example to us all to care for those suffering from war or natural or man-made disaster and that anything you can do to help is so appreciated by those in need.

You can join Maya in helping our Lebanon Emergency Fund by donating here. Although Gus is leaving in the next couple days, we are continuing to raise funds to send to our office in Jordan so they can continue the cooperation with the Jordan Hashemite Charities to get supplies in to Lebanon and directly to the people who need it most. We are helping with things like generators, medical supplies, food, and more.

Thank you Maya!

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We Stand With Lebanon

On August 4th, in the early evening in Beirut, a fire at the Port of Beirut set off an explosion that rocked the city to its foundations. In a flash, hundreds were killed, thousands injured, and hundreds of thousands displaced as the explosion shattered their homes and lives. SCM stands with the people of Beirut and Lebanon as they work to begin picking up the pieces of their broken lives.

Click on the image to read more about the explosion.

SCM’s response effort to the explosion in Beirut began within two days after the blast. We contacted our office in Jordan and talked to our regional manager, Basil Sawalha, to see what we could do right away to help Beirut. He called the Jordan Hashemite Charities (JHC) and told them that whatever we had in our warehouse in Madaba was available for them to take for Lebanon. We have been working with them for the last 9 years and we trust them and what they do. They took us up on the offer and the first items they took were 6 emergency medical tents that were donated to us from Direct Relief. The tents were taken into Beirut and set up immediately. The next JHC plane left Amman on Thursday, August 13, and was filled with generators, solar lanterns, walkers, blankets, hygiene kits, and medical supplies. These were all delivered to the Lebanese Red Cross at the airport for distribution.

Items in our warehouse in Madaba being loaded into the Jordan Hashemite Charities truck, bound for the airport and on to Beirut.

Everything that is going by JHC airlift into Lebanon is going directly to the Lebanese Red Cross for distribution. That way we know the items are being giving directly to the people and other small NGOs on the ground. This ensures that the donations are not skimmed or stolen and sold, a potential problem with anything given to the military or government agencies to distribute – very little would actually make it into the hands of those who need it. By us working with JHC and the LRC we can ensure that your donations will get to the people who need them.

We have set up a donation page for Lebanon and that money will be sent to Lebanon with Ghassan Mansour who is leaving on September 1st for two weeks. He will be helping to get items distributed and also work with a contractor who will be accompanying him to assess the damage to homes that just need windows replaced to be habitable again. Our plan is to be able to have the funds on hand to get this accomplished as quickly as possible.

We are also working with the Daher family who is raising money for the Lebanese Red Cross. Those funds will be wired directly to the LRC account in Beirut. You can find their fundraising page on our website and donate to either fund – both are tax deductible, and both go to help the people Lebanon.

And lastly, we have been collecting items here that will be going to Lebanon, hopefully in the first week of September. If we do not have a container load, we will delay until we can fill the 40-foot container, but we want to get it filled as soon as possible. All items in the container will be designated for Lebanon and will go to our warehouse to picked up by the Jordan Hashemite Charities to airlift into Beirut.

We have updated our Amazon wish list so please check that out. We also need school supplies which are probably cheaper to get on sale at stores like Staples or Fred Meyer. So please visit our Facebook page and our web site to see the items that we have listed. Items ordered on Amazon will come directly to us, or you can drop them off at our office in Seattle if you are local. Everything is needed and the people of Lebanon need your help.

We have not forgotten about the Syrian people and we are trying to help them also, but right now the priority is Lebanon, so we hope that you will be able to help us reach our goal of $100,000 within the next couple of weeks, and any amount helps.

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Brutal Winter for Refugees

Dear SCM Friends:

The usual cost of a 40 ft container to go from Seattle to Aqaba in Jordan is $2400 – this is a special price that we are getting as a nonprofit from our shipper. The cost is usually about $5,000.

The cost, once the container gets to Aqaba, for workers to unload it from the ship and have it checked by customs and then put onto the truck to take to Amman is $1645.

Once in Amman the container goes to the Jordan Hashemite Charities, our partner in Jordan, it is off-loaded and re checked for items that are either outdated or not allowed into the country and then we load the trucks and take the donations to the warehouse in Madaba. Volunteers offload, sort and get ready for distribution within the week. The cost of this stage is about $2400.

All of these costs are paid for by your generous donations.  So, to keep doing the work that we are doing we need you to keep helping us with these costs.  We also ask for monetary donations for specific emergencies. These funds are wired into Jordan, Syria or Lebanon for supplies that they need to purchase in country if they are not able to wait for us to send them in a container, or it is not cost effective for us to send them, such as firewood.

This winter has been very tragic. The weather conditions are so bad – first rain and floods in one week, destroying what little may refugee families had and forcing them to higher ground. Once they did that the snow started and they did not have the warmth to protect them, leaving many to freeze to death.

We need your help now to get warmth to the refugees affected by the winter weather. We will purchase firewood and other fuel for heating and blankets. Please, give now.

Please know that we only send out these announcements when there is a dire need for the funds. We are also asking for your help to spread the word to family and friends and associates of these needs.  We know that we seem to be always asking but it is for a real cause, not for an administrative need.


Thank you